Francis Line films from Costa Mesa Historical Society

Films donated from Costa Mesa Historical Society taken by Francis Line
Although some shots are marked OUT, most of the film is in our large collection on Francis Line. Notes on the boxes of film from Costa Mesa Historical Society

Francis Line's notes
May 19,1958
Lincoln Statue 9
Wind-trees-Kenosha- (very good)
42 May22, 1964
Gomfers-labor statue (c+)
Birds-Capo Beach home
Birds at Capo Beach
Excess copy shots list
9 November 25, 1971
1 San Fernando Mission-kids going in
2 St. Francis church in NYC-Empire State building-not coded
3 San Francisco Street sign in Santa Fe, NM
4 Esteban Mural, Phoenix, San Esteban
5 Father Sierra & pigeon at San Juan Mission- out
6 St. Francis statue- out
7 Alamo sign- out
8 Capitol building lawn in Phoenix
9 Rocks & grass- out
10 close up of grass, beautiful shot- out
11 2nd shot of San Francisco street sign in Santa Fe
12 new moon
13 moving cloud over mt.
14 Short shot of Arizona landscape grass foreground
15 Father Marcos on donkey
16 Niagara very good- out
17 Sequoia cactus
18 statue of Francis- out
19 Santa Barbara pepper tree
20 church doorway- El Paso Mission
21 Santa Fe museums
22 Landscape red mountains fellow bushes good pan- out
23 Alamo sign
24 close up shot skirt of St. Francis of the gown showing mouse
25 close up church doorway with San Francisco-out
26 bird fountain- out

55 May 24, 1964
Man on trees near Tampa Bay-orig. Added sconces
29 Big Bend Country
Fog or clouds
Spider webs

55 May 24, 1964 cont.
Mesquite County
Cactus County of Texas
Arkansas border
River spider web
All out from this reel
1 Persons on swamp
2 Hornets nest
3 Swamp
4 green bug
5 green bug
6 ear
7 ducks
8 ducks
10 ducks
11 ducks
13 ducks
14 ducks
15 vine & barns
16 St. F river sign
17 sign & truck
18 St Francis town

Mustard fields San Juan orig 1902

Sept. 12, 1964
Adrienne on bank Mississippi River- with boats-out
Miss River- out
South Virginia
College buildings
Frost in mts
“Misery” sign

August 8, 1971
Esteban Park Phoenix
Father Kino-Phoenix capital
Also Santa Fe murals that we use for Warvaez in Florida

Concord-1st pelicans

19 Progress
spider webs
Narcessus on Bayous
Brazos River
Mission Bahia Esperitu

April 28, 1959
New Salem orig.
Excess-studio shots
Head line candle
Chicago map
Horseman-(Martin) ng

Lincoln-Emancipation Speech cutouts from Copies

Flag film-copy
Might be used for Whitman
Black Hills –Rushmore

Lincoln-Black Hawk War
Indian at Oregon Ill. “Blackhawk”
Excess- orig.


Indians-buckboards-congregate for sing

NG horned toad
All too dark (tube lens)

Wils w orig
Fall colors
Progress shots in car near Ouray
Good shadows over fall color

Mainly Gwen gives out clothing

St Francis copy

USA St. Francis
San Juan Batota Mission
Carmel Coast & big waves
Grand Canyon in the snow-out
Santa Inez Mission-swallows-out
Gordon & Jeff as baby-out
Mt. Shasta
Flowers blowing in wind (pretty)
Yuma Mission & statue of padres-out
Chinatown scene
Santa Clara Mission sign near taste
Spanish sign for Our Lady of LA
6in scene of valley of Assini from city
Birds statues in fountain in San Antonio
Zoom in on Cathedral in valley
Santa Clara town near Santa Fe
Santa Fe mission
Short shot of partunide-6in
Short shot of St. Danens –8in
20 Gov. bldg in St Fe & NM flag & US flag
Big Arizona landscape (same as small piece on other roll)

May 1959
Zaleas-Rhododenras in blossom
Red clay hills of Oklahoma boted like erosion-
Garden boxes of Neosha School on a hill-site of school where Carmel went

Valley of Fire & desert shots not too good
Train- fair
Valley of Fire
NG shots headed to Zion

Linc-Doug-Quincy bas r excess orig
Next to last one at MV
Douglas foot-goes up & down
Luic & group
Douglas & group- close up of Douglas
Luic pan

Use with Jeff coast
Material-waned have to dispatched-good
Good wading birds o the beach
1 or 2 at a time bury heads
class A
put with coast material
coast birds

Wild Geese-put back in “Best Of The West”
TV man-this in not for TV show
Payson rodeo-out

Minnerat Mountian- taken by Helen July 1957
Mammoth Lakes Mt Area

March 31, 1964
Seated-trees & clouds
Racine-Lincoln-storm clouds

Copy-Trailer School
Ending- Robert goes kene  nom school & stands in doorway-part nom

Copy- Humbird at Grand Canyon-fall colors-winter scene

MV film-not much good use only for fill ins if needed

Oklahoma-red soil like Bryce
Looks like Bryce
Vallley good red soil-rocks (for WW Mts)

March 31, 1964
Lincoln head-dark clouds
Lincoln youth & dog against old capitol building Vandalia not Springfield
Topeka state line-good
Springfield OakPark Cemetary-good

March 31, 1964
Milotte-Tacoma Lincoln
Extras to be used for travel

Washington DC in snow-battle fields
Boo in here

Sheep herder
Cactus flower & bee
MV cactus

June 23, 1964 NM wood through aspens CH etc
Red peppers-house
Wood irrie trouch
Adobe church or village
Excel pan of varied color growth
Fine pine & aspen vista

Plowing fields-3 shots
Montana wheat-1 shot
Art shot
1 Montana “art” wheat field with Mt. Background exc.

Loose notes

Progress-spider webs
Good Brogos River shots
Close sun t-yes
Moon & grass-OK
Spider web-used
Close big spider web- used
Close wet-used
Ant hill-good

Has good moon (ble bend) shot.  Lens shows some spider webs in sep reel
Texas veg-good
Pecos River-good used
Plains & Texas-good
Maybe was on Mingo Nature trail
Fog next-good
Spider web-good-out
Web-good best-used in nature shots
Web-put on spider web reel


Coming!    Special Event!


A "Biologue" Being Shown on the Pacific Coast for the First Time
* This compelling and unique motion picture was conceived, researched,
photographed and edited by the
(Foremost producers of American documentaries who will be remembered for "Sheep, Stars and Solitude")
The film is in beautiful Kodachrome color and presented in person by Mr. Line. The narration is by Marvin Miller — "the man of a thousand voices," well-known as a top film narrator.
The most comprehensive motion picture ever made about Lincoln — going so far as to show his global influence. To secure the sequences the Lines last year capped their exhaustive search for material by traveling around the world. Previously, they had spent several seasons traveling through the Lincoln country (covering 24 states) to capture its moods and atmosphere.
This remarkable film sketches the sweeping scenes of Lincoln's life which took him from an unschooled youth in primitive surroundings of Kentucky and Indiana, through a manhood of high leadership in Illinois, to War President and Emancipator.
More than any other American, Lincoln has been honored in sculpture and other monuments throughout this country, Japan, India, Hawaii, Holy Land, Greece and England. Statues have been photographed with new techniques and special lenses that make them virtually "come alive." These statues and bas reliefs carry the story of his childhood, youth and manhood as rail splitter, student, soldier, lawyer, president and commander-in-chief.
Lincoln's immortal words, from the Farewell Address at Springfield, The Gettysburg Address, the "House Divided" speech, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, t h e Cooper Union Address, the First and Second Inaugurals, the Emancipation Proclamation and others are presented with the actual background plus the voice of Marvin Miller—an authority in interpreting the true voice of Lincoln.


Francis R. Line
OCTOBER 21, 1946
Tonight's Speaker
FRANCIS R. Line has reached the top of his chosen field for two reasons. First, he is one of those rather unusual products of the lecture stage, a real platform personality. Secondly, his film-lectures convey the deep and real spirit of what he pictures.
Line grew up in a small town in Michigan. At the age of 11 he traveled by bicycle with his brother through the eastern states. At 18, he hiked to every state in the Union and worked his way through the University of Michigan by lecturing on his travels. At 21 he made his first journey around the world. He has been lecturing and traveling most of the time since.
In the university he was a Phi Beta Kappa student. In the world at large he is a student of peoples. He has the rare ability to portray the spirit and essence of places and peoples and countries. Those who see a Line film remember it vividly five and six years later. This is one reason why he has so often been ranked at the top in audience votes on lecture courses throughout the nation. Of the eight major films that Line has produced, four have won national rec­ognition for being among the best films in America.
Line is a member of the Los Angeles Adventurers Club, founder and director of the Chaffey Art Association of California, and owner of the famed "Eagle Rock" in Los Angeles. With his family he lives adjacent to this great rock and is preserving it as an historic shrine and natural landmark.
CHINA    December 4
Land of the Mings and Chiang Kai-shek----the splendor of the past and the promise of the future struggling together in the tremendous task of building a modern nation.
ENGLAND    January 10
Austen West leads us over the green isle of England. revealing its beauties and charms in color film.
A trip by car on a breath-taking journey among the jungles, valleys, mountains and plains of Central and South America--a preview of the trip you may one day take in your own car.
•    WENDELL CHAPMAN, Narrator
One of the truly rare screen stories that words can scarcely describe. Noted naturalists journey through the Rockies to film in color the incomparable scenery and rare animals.
A sailing ship, the great Pacific. strange sights in mysterious lands—a film Journey to satisfy the "explorer" urge in every one of us.
PRICES: 90c, $1.20, $1.80 (Inc. Tax)
The Mission Playhouse    AT. 4-3277--CU 3-1515
April 21

Thorne Hall Travel Series program

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Thorne Hall Travel Series


"Lapland Adventures”


Francis R. Line

This year the management of Thorne Hall has been most fortunate in receiving active cooperation and interest from various organizations. Groups of the community have helped to sponsor the Artist Series; the Parent-Teacher Associations are conducting the Children's Matinee Programs for their enterprise; and the Occidental College Faculty Women's and Mothers' Clubs have sponsored the Travel Series. These latter groups are engaging in this project to provide a general scholarship fund for deserving students. We feel that the results of this project will be three-fold: the increase of the scholarship fund; an enlargement of the program of Thorne Hall; and most important, the promotion of a greater understanding and congeniality within the membership of the several clubs. To these people, who have so ably assisted us, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation.


Alpha Sorority

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Beta Phi Delta Sorority

Delta Omicron Tau Sorority Gamma Kappa Theta Sorority Kappa Epsilon Chi Sorority

Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Off Campus Mothers' Club
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
Zeta Tau Zeta Sorority
Occidental College Faculty Women's Club

"Lines on Line"

Francis R. Line is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. At the age of 11 he traveled with his brother by bicycle throughout eastern America, at 18 he hiked to every state in the Union, at 21 he had been to most of the countries of the world. At the University, he specialized on Pacific problems, and has a wide acquaintance with this area. He is one of America's foremost color photographers.


Coffee will be served in the forecourt of Thorne Hall directly after the performance. It is hoped that everyone will partake. The hostesses for this evening are Mrs. H. H. Bingham, Alpha Tau Omega; Mrs. George Baker, Phi Gamma Delta; Mrs. L. C. Chandler, Off-Campus Mothers' Club; and Mrs. 0. Paul Straubinger, Faculty Women's Club. The coffee is served through the courtesy of the Ben Hur Coffee Company.

The public is cordially invited to attend an organ recital by Mr. Walter E.
Hartley on November 3, Sunday afternoon, at 5 p.m. This is the second in a
series of monthly recitals which fall on the first Sunday of each month.

The next Children's Matinee Program will be held on Saturday, November 9, at 2 p.m. It will feature an organ recital, short subjects, and a children's ballet from the Norma Gould School of the Dance. Children, ten cents; adults, twenty-five.

Ibsen's play, "The Master builder," will be the attraction at the second event in the Occidental College Artist Series. Mr. Fritz Leiber, noted Shakespearean actor, will be starred. Mr. Leiber will be supported by members of the Occidental Players under the direction of Joseph Batcheller. The date is November 12, Tuesday evening, at 8:15 p.m. Reservations, ALbany 3151.

Line's Notes-Lapland Adventure

Francis R. Line


A large bombproof cellar, with tunnel leading from it to the school, had been erected there. We owned a part of tunnel and bomb cellar, since all parents had been assessed for their construction.
That night our return train pulled into London on Platform 15 of Victoria Station. We looked at the large station.  A clock and noted the time-8:04 p.m. A–few-minutes after that, Platform 15 had been wrecked by a bomb.  The train we had just left was shattered, and the large statIon–clook–demolIshed. German sympathizers were suspected.

Our departure on 'the Queen Mary was its last civilian sailing for six years. By the time our cancelled September departure date arrived , World War II had started; the Queen Mary had been converted to a troop carrier. With a children's film on England and Holland, our adventure film on Lapland, and a documentary of Finland that was scarcely a month old, we were back home, safe.