Year: 2004

  • 1939-Two Young Americans

    1939-Two Young Americans

    Barbara and Adrienne walking to school in Ontario, California Shopping in Holland on their first trip abroad in 1939 just months before the German invasion. The girls visit a canal in the tulip fields of Holland. There are more pictures in our Image Gallery.

  • Mt Carmel

    MT. CARMEL, UTAH, August 30, 2004 * Awards were given to five outstanding artists at Maynard Dixon Country 2004 last Saturday, August 28. The two hundred and twenty five attendees at the annual art show and sale voted on secret ballots and selected five winning paintings from more than one […]

  • Strawberries


    Here’s some new photos from our collection. This is a street scene in Louisana.  For more images see our Image Gallery.

  • Jerome Arizona 1942

    In “This Is Your America” Line portrayed the average American family working hard to keep up the home front. He traveled around the country filming everything from a Kansas farm; a defense plant in Wichita; a lumbering operation in the Northwest; mining in Idaho; and Jerome.  In the 30s Jerome […]

  • Young Arizona 1943

    We wish to thank Lee Hanchett for identifying the Tewksbury cabin. As the author of Arizona’s Graham-Tewksbury Feud I am indebted to him for his expertise. Click here for a link to his book and the documentary film.

  • Maynard Dixon 1943-45

    Maynard Dixon 1943-45

    Maynard Dixon was one of the friends of Francis Line. He owned a cabin in Mt. Carmel, Utah. In the war years of 1943 to 1945, Francis and Helen with their daughter Adrienne visited the cabin on a regular basis. Thanks to Paul Bingham for helping us to find this […]

  • Jan De Swart

    I received a wonderful phone call last night from Jock De Swart, son of the famous sculptor, Jan De Swart. We had mentioned his father’s name in an article in the Francis Line area of the website. Jock may have been searching for his father’s name in Google or another […]

  • Chapter Fourteen-Altadena:1943

    Bringing forward a few items from Ontario, we often came to Pasadena for one reason or another, usually to eat. There were then located two concerns, The Arcade and the Merry-go-Around CafĂ©, both of which establishments we patronized. The first named was an upstairs affair, where things were spread out […]

  • Chapter Thirteen-1939 European Trip

    Just a word of preface: It was in the mid-thirties that Daisy and I had our first airplane ride. Francis took us over to the Glendale Airport, and Winfield had gotten advance notice to meet us upon arrival at Chicago. We took off in the forenoon, and by the time […]

  • Chapter Twelve-California Promise:1932

    Arriving in California from the North, we had no trouble locating the children in Pomona. After some consideration and weighing the pros and cons, it was decided that Francis would go back to Michigan with us, leaving Helen, in his brief absence, to keep the home fires burning. So we […]