Grand Canyon Love Story chapter four

IVColor It Blond To achieve any exciting goal is a thrilling experience. For two kids from rural Michigan, used to swimming in quiet, cattail-fringed lakes, to step out into the Pacific Ocean, which stretches all the way to China almost without interruption — that is far more than exciting. For […]

Grand Canyon Love Story chapter two

IITwo Goals Accomplished 1922 Having graduated from high school in a sleepy Michigan town surrounded by cow pastures and lakes, we figured that college could wait. With our parents’ blessing — so we recounted to the Eberlys — we set out to hike America’s 48 states1 and work our way […]

Grand Canyon Love Story chapter one

IHoneymoon Chariot 1920s The rutted dirt road which years later would be known as America’s “Main Street” — Highway 66 — did not even widen as it skirted the wind-bitten service station and general store that made up the business section of Peach Springs, Arizona. On our map the place […]