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  • A Lot of Changes in 80-Odd Years

    September 20, 1987 In preparing a talk to be given at my upcoming 65th high school reunion in Howell, Mich., I am beginning to realize the enormity of the changes that all the members of that Class of 1922 have seen in their 80-year lifetimes. When we were young, for a nickel we could buy […]


    Below are the codes Francis Line used to cable is wife when he was making the Circle Of Fire.  It was 1940 when he visited Japan, China, Dutch East Indies, Guam and Wake Island before meeting his wife in Hawaii. In his book Adventure Unlimited you will find a more complete record of his journey. […]

  • Eagle Rock Theatre And Art Center 1946

    FRANCIS AND HELEN LINE    5475 EAGLE ROCKVIEW    LOS ANGELES, 41, CALIF. THE EAGLE ROCK Some millions of years ago a strange combination of geological forces created, inthe foothills of Southern California’s mountains, a gigantic isolated formation, which isnow known as the Eagle Rock. In the state’s pre-Spanish period, this rock was used by the coastal […]

  • Mt Carmel

    MT. CARMEL, UTAH, August 30, 2004 * Awards were given to five outstanding artists at Maynard Dixon Country 2004 last Saturday, August 28. The two hundred and twenty five attendees at the annual art show and sale voted on secret ballots and selected five winning paintings from more than one hundred possible choices. The Milford […]

  • Jan De Swart

    I received a wonderful phone call last night from Jock De Swart, son of the famous sculptor, Jan De Swart. We had mentioned his father’s name in an article in the Francis Line area of the website. Jock may have been searching for his father’s name in Google or another search engine, and this website […]

  • Light Summer Reading

    Our friend’s cat was a sissy; not only did she run from dogs, but every other feline in the neighborhood cause her to buckle up with fear.  Then our friend fed the kitty (this is a true story) on canned dog food for a couple of weeks.  Now the cat can (and does) fight and […]

  • Line’s Hobby-June 1, 1937

    You’ve heard about those strike-torn factories at which they won’t let U. S. Mail trucks through the gates? Well, with us it’s just the other way Uncle Sam’s emissaries simply refuse to come our way. So that is the reason for this mid-summer thrust in your direction.


    CAPISTRANO BEACH COUPLE PLAN TO KEEP ON TREKKING THEY TAKE ANNUAL GRAND CANYON HIKE TO MARK ANNIVERSARY THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Thursday, June 2, 1988 Byline: TONI MAZZACANE:THE REGISTER While some married couples’ ideal of the perfect way to celebrate their wedding anniversary may be sipping on fine champagne in a dimly lighted restaurant, Francis […]