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  • Soul of a Traveler pg 4

    That yearning of hers came from the soul of a traveler. No greater adventure can there be than to see what lays on the other side. The fullness of life is not measured in terms of years. There are those who might say that Barbara experienced just eight short years of life. No. Barbara experienced […]

  • Soul of a Traveler pg 3

    As she traveled across the channel on her first trip to Holland, Barbara became pals with a fine Dutch youth of 22. They became inseparable. He told her about his countr; pointed out to her, as we neared the coast, the first dykes and windmills. Throughout Holland she met and played with the Dutch youngsters […]

  • Soul of a Traveler pg 2

    THE SOUL OF A TRAVELER (A tribute to Barbara, given by her Daddy at the services in the Cathedral of the Foothills, Upland, Tuesday, January 21, 1941.) Barbara has the soul of a traveler, an her spirit lives today in the lives of hundreds of boys and girls and men and women whom she met […]

  • Soul of a Traveler pg 1

    January 21, 1941 Dear Friends: Our little Barbara passed away peacefully in her sleep Saturday night, January 18. She was eight years and two months old. Barbara, after feeling poorly in November, was taken ill on December 6, 1940, with acute lymphatic leukemia – an ailment for which there is at present no cure. We […]