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  • Notes

    Chapter 1 Honeymoon Chariot 1. Only in much later years did we learn that Peach Springs had been the place from which, in the 1880s and 90s, hardy travelers had left the railroad and ridden that 20 miles by horse or stage to view Grand Canyon’s lower reaches. We were glad that we were ignorant, […]

  • Introduction

    There are individuals whose adventures with the Grand Canyon have encompassed a greater time span — as well as a greater space span — than is the case with either of us. But no two persons — no married couple, we believe, have through the years had a greater love for the Canyon than we. […]

  • Forward

    Foreword During one of my regular geology programs as an interpretive ranger at Grand Canyon National Park, I asked the visitors who had gathered around me on the Canyon’s South Rim, “How many of you have been personally acquainted with the Grand Canyon for at least ten years?” Half a dozen hands went up. “Fifteen […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter forty-one

    XLIPS This must surely be one of the few books which contains a postscript. This is added not only after the book was written, but after it was set in type and partly printed.One month and two days before we were to head into Grand Canyon on our May 1, 56th wedding anniversary hike, Helen […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter forty

    XLA Two Billionth Birthday Party! 1990 1990The year 1990 will be a time of wonder and awe, when the visitors to Grand Canyon who penetrate to its depths — either physically or visually — will see the Vishnu schist of that magnificent granite gorge preparing to enter into its third billion years of rugged existence. […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thirty-nine

    XXXIXLife Begins at 80 1984Turning four score is an adventure; it needs special celebration. What better way than to spend a week of reminiscence and review surrounded by the scenes and challenges which have helped through the years to keep us physically fit, as well as mentally alert, aesthetically responsive, and spiritually attuned. In January […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thirty-eight

    XXXVIIITime Marches On As we come over from California to Arizona toward the end of April each year, preparatory to our May 1 wedding anniversary hike into Grand Canyon, we experience the annual confusion of TIME. On the last Sunday of April, the nation’s clocks are turned back. Daylight Saving Time officially begins. Everywhere, that […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thrity-seven

    XXXVIIGrand Canyon Is a Weather Bowl 1983Old-timers, wanting to prophesy Grand Canyon’s weather, would survey the sky, or consult an almanac, or listen to the bay of coyotes. Now, a hiker preparing for his backpack journey into the Canyon, simply dials 638-2245. (From out of state one precedes those numbers with the Arizona area code, […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thirty-six

    XXXVIReturn to North Rim 1983Three almost completely different meanings are wrapped up in the first word of the Grand Canyon’s title. “Grand,” according to Webster, means: 1. Marked by great magnificence. Fine or imposing in appearance.2. Having higher rank or more dignity than others having the same general designation.3. Of large size, extent. Of a […]

  • Grand Canyon Love Story chapter Thirty-five

    XXXV Hiiking . the Inner Trails “Despite the problems, despite the intimate hazards, and even though the demands on human energy are enormous, going by foot is still the best way to travel the trails of the Grand Canyon. You can go at your own pace, stop when you wish, linger at will, hurry or […]