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  • Adventure Unlimited chapter fifteen

    CHAPTER 15 Dutch Treat The Dutch East Indies, in all respects except actual fighting, are definitely at war. Troops, both native and Dutch, are everywhere. Bomb shelters are being thrown up in streets and public squares of Batavia, Surabaya, and Cherebon. Blackouts have been practiced. The airports are strewn with barbed wire entanglements.        Refugees […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter fourteen

    CHAPTER 14 Security Dodging—and Jungle Hopping And now-3345 miles after leaving Tokyo—I have reached Singapore, to settle down for a time before proceeding by air to Java. This is the most strongly-fortified British colony east of Suez. It is the site of the Singapore Naval Base. But despite all of Britain’s defenses, here and in […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter thirteen

    CHAPTER 13 Symbolism on the Fuji Express The Fuji Express, roaring through rural Japan, was like an ugly foreign intruder disturbing the peace of a primitive existence. The views which I had from the car window, as well as the surroundings and episodes within the car itself, were like a review of my stay in […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter twelve

    CHAPTER 12 When Fires Threaten Tokyo For a full day I feverishly toured Tokyo by taxi, penetrating every corner and listing all conceivable shots which would suit my purpose.        Buddhist temples, fish and vegetable markets, parks, rivers, alleys, and native hotels were inspected.        The Earthquake Memorial told a mighty story. My brother and […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter eleven

    CHAPTER 11 Circle of Fire The Finland film’s initial success was due in large part to its intense timeliness. We needed another timely film. Every spare moment, especially during the free hours while traveling by train to engagements in Michigan, I was reading, studying, exploring and mentally reaching out in search of a new vital […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter ten

    CHAPTER 10 First Rung on the Ladder Having produced three full-length films—on Lapland, Finland, and England and Holland—we were now professionals in the travel-adventure film lecture business. It was a field that, so far as 16mm color motion pictures were concerned, was so newly begotten there was almost no one but us to rock the […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter nine

    CHAPTER 9 War Threat Alters Our Plans In March of 1939, eight days before our departure from home on our European adventure, Adolph Hitler had begun the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. Upon my return from winter Lapland I found that England was preparing for a threatening future. In letters and notes at that time I wrote: […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter eight

    CHAPTER 8 Festival of Lights Many Finnish hotels have the pleasant custom of hoisting the national emblem of each new guest who arrives. We were the first Americans to register at the hotel in Rovaniemi; in our honor, up went the American flag. This was the city, directly on the Arctic Circle, where I had […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter seven

    chapter 7 Monks, Milk, and Lumber Mills Finland Waters. At last we were ready to launch into the theme we had chosen for our film. As a warm-up we started out with a visit by water to an unusual colony of individuals, whose habitation can be reached only by a boat trip across Europe’s largest […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter six

    CHAPTER 6Sixty Thousand Lakes in Finland In returning to London from winter Lapland I had made the unusual bus trip down Finland’s Great Arctic Highway and had journeyed the entire length of that country. In visiting a number of her fine cities, including Helsinki and Turku, I had felt admiration welling up within me for […]