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  • Adventure Unlimited chapter five

    CHAPTER 5 Reindeer Trek across Lapland Time for my departure was approaching. Since I was now familiar with the route, the return trip by way of Hammerfest might have been easy. But that would have become just a twice-told tale. In my reading before this whole adventure started, I had uncovered the prospects of a […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter four

    CHAPTER 4 Reindeer Roundup Lapland is reindeer land. I was soon to discover that human inhabitants could not exist without the deer. They are the Lapp’s principal means of transportation, food supply, source of fur and clothing, and symbol of status and wealth. Having become well acquainted with one family of Mountain Lapps, I bargained […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter three

    CHAPTER 3 Kodachrome Clothes, and a Wedding The fjellstue which had been our midnight resting place on the all-night ride to Karasjok had been a crude one-room hut, little more than a shelter, without windows or furnishings of any kind. Fjellstue, in Norwegian, means “mountain hut.” When our sleigh pulled up at the fjellstue in […]

  • Adventure Unlimited chapter two

    CHAPTER 2 Northern Lights in the Arctic An electric train, glistening red, whisked me across Denmark, making the hops between the three Danish isles by train-ferry, as we sat comfortably in the cars. There was a stopover in Copenhagan, then by steamer I made the crossing to Malmo, Sweden, and was in the Swedish capital […]