Category: C.S. Line Autobiography

  • Chapter Fourteen-Altadena:1943

    Bringing forward a few items from Ontario, we often came to Pasadena for one reason or another, usually to eat. There were then located two concerns, The Arcade and the Merry-go-Around Café, both of which establishments we patronized. The first named was an upstairs affair, where things were spread out on a long table self-serve […]

  • Chapter Thirteen-1939 European Trip

    Just a word of preface: It was in the mid-thirties that Daisy and I had our first airplane ride. Francis took us over to the Glendale Airport, and Winfield had gotten advance notice to meet us upon arrival at Chicago. We took off in the forenoon, and by the time we got to Amarillo it […]

  • Chapter Twelve-California Promise:1932

    Arriving in California from the North, we had no trouble locating the children in Pomona. After some consideration and weighing the pros and cons, it was decided that Francis would go back to Michigan with us, leaving Helen, in his brief absence, to keep the home fires burning. So we put out, and the first […]

  • Chapter Eleven-Alaska:1929

    In the early summer of 1929 we started out in the big Nash, which incidentally, I ran 86,000 miles, from Howell to the West Coast, going by way of Texas and U.S. Highway 80. We stopped briefly at Long Beach to call on Allie. As far back as 1925, his business gone, his aunt’s dead, […]

  • Chapter Ten-Howell, Michigan:1922

    It was early evening when I arrived in Howell, and a fine rain was falling. The gloom was not an encouraging outlook for the town. I checked in at the Livingston Hotel, opposite the courthouse. In the morning I started my evaluation of the town. It was the county seat. Situated at the crossing of […]

  • Chapter Nine-A Chronicle of the Automobile

    Ante-dating the auto age of course were the bicycles, at first the high wheelers, with the small wheel tracking behind. I saw a bunch of riders on these contraptions pile up at the bottom of the hill in Springfield, and some of them were bruised up considerably. Succeeding the high wheelers were the style we […]

  • Chapter Eight-Line’s Variety Store:1907

    I occasionally took the little boys 2-1/2 miles down the Bid Four tracks to the Vermilion River to fish. Winfield’s short legs could make it, but Francis I had to pull most of the way there and back in his little pull cart for emergencies. We organized a men’s class in Congregational Church, with 40 […]

  • Chapter Seven-Francis Raymond Line:1903

    Francis Raymond Line-1903 By C. S. Line To continue that sequence of my story, Francis was on the way, and we were up against it, no private accommodations for the great event and we knew nothing about hospital procedures. We debated the situation from every angle, and it was proposed that Daisy should go east […]

  • Chapter Six-Farming in Colorado:1903

    Farming In Colorado-1903 By C. S. Line Leaving Grand Junction next morning I reversed the route coming out, as far as Chicago, then I diverted it in order to call on Mr. Fishel, at Hope, Indiana. Arriving there, Fishel drove around to some of his farms, and that night I was put up in the […]

  • Chapter Five-Grand Junction:1900

    Grand Junction-1900 By C.S.Line In the year 1900 we moved from our original living quarters in the rear of the store into rooms mother had been leasing in the Old Homestead, and it was the this era, for the next two years and more, that we tentatively embarked in the poultry business, intending to make […]