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    POSTSCRIPT AND FORECAST Each year brings important changes to the Navajos. Power lines now crass many areas. Some Navajos now have lights and television, subtle agents of change. In many places, where electricity is at hand, coin-operated laundries make washing easier. Occasional new markets provide lower prices than the familiar […]

  • Navajo

    NAVAJO 1-10-75Water –precious as gold– is-still scarce. But in a few places it is becoming more available. Glen Canyon Dam, on the Colorado River, has created Lake Powell, on the Reservation’s northern boundary. Rainbow Natural Bridge–once remote–is now easily reached by boat. The Navajo Tribal Council is developing scenic and […]


    INSTRUCTIONS ON NAVAJO POSTSCRI T AND FORECAST    for Fitz From O syn mark – 5 ft first scene (power lines) AA1653 – I believe the adjustment on this should be made from ” going to the tail end to correct for dissolve – just so the pan is correct is […]


    Page 1- Script “YOU ARE THE MAKER OF THE FLAG” (Lawyer adivce: put copyright notice at startand at Main Flag Titles, (No harm if at end also) Cop1right, Year first sold. My name.) Alsoput TV notice. OPENING CREDIT TITLE:    “THIS FILM IS PRESENTED BY FRANCIS RAYMOND LINE AND HELEN E […]

  • Columbia River Country program brochure

    COLUMBIA RIVER COUNTRY By Francis R. Line77 Patrician WayPasadena 2, California SCENERY– The Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest are among the most important scenic areas on the continent; COLUMBIA RIVER COUNTRY shows them both. In Canada the film, in glowing color, shows: Banff and Jasper National Parks; Kootenay and […]

  • Columbia River contents outline

    “COLUMBIA RIVER COUNTRY” A SUMMARY OF CONTENTSBY FRANCIS RAYMOND LINE • 77 PATRICIAN WAY • PASADENA 2 CALIFORNIA THE CANADIAN ROCKIES, birthplace of rivers. Banff city and Banff National Park. The blue Bow River and Falls. Lake Louise, Mt. Eisenhower, Jasper. The Saskatchewan. Athabaska River and Falls. The Columbia Ice […]

  • Announcement-“University of Michigan Lectures”

    “University of Michigan Lectures”Announces The Line Brothers’ illustrated lecture Introducing the Line BrothersWinfield and Francis Line, of the University of Michigan, are would travelers, journalists, and lecturers. They have seen life and tasted adventure in every state in the Union, traveling by foot. bicycle, and motor. They have explored all […]

  • Line’s Programs-Sheep, Stars, and Solitude

    Sheep, Stars, and Solitude This has for several years been the leading color motion picture of the American lecture platform. Depicting a vast trek of sheep through the wilderness of Arizona and having as its theme the heroism of a simple herder, it achieves a greatness that has seldom been […]

  • Line’s Programs-Road To Granduer

    “Road to Grandeur”One highway in this land every American—sometime or other—should travel from end to end. That is U.S. 89, which commences in the wonders of Glacier National Park on the Canadian Border and stretches grandly southward past Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Salt Lake City and the myriad marvels of […]

  • Line’s Programs-Introducing FRL

    INTRODUCINGFRANCIS R. LINEIn the last fifteen years Francis R. Line has personally presented his color motion pictures before more than a million persons in America, on nearly every major lecture course in the land from the National Geographic’s CONSTITUTION HALL in Washington, D.C. (eight appearances) to the 3000-seat Civic Auditorium […]