Grand Canyon Love Story chapter forty

A Two Billionth Birthday Party! 1990

The year 1990 will be a time of wonder and awe, when the visitors to Grand Canyon who penetrate to its depths — either physically or visually — will see the Vishnu schist of that magnificent granite gorge preparing to enter into its third billion years of rugged existence. We have taken it on ourselves (see Chapter 28) to proclaim the year 1990 as the two billionth birthday of these oldest Grand Canyon rocks.

The authors of this book will have been wed 62 years on May 1 of 1990. Francis will be 87 a few days after that year terminates.

God willing, we’ll be there to celebrate. If you promise to come with a spirit of reverence and awe, and tread gently as though you were walking on sacred ground (for that is what the Canyon really is) then we invite you to join us. We’ll see you May 1, 1990, to help pay homage to this life-enhancing miracle — Grand Canyon!