From O syn mark –

5 ft first scene (power lines) AA1653 – I believe the adjustment on this should be made from ” going to the tail

end to correct for dissolve – just so the pan is correct is the thing I want.

27 ft 1 fr. white leader in copy (orig is a Newspaper). Cut to length of leader.

65 ft+36 fr. This scene is long and next scene is short on tail so you can allow for this –

There were three splices in our Original film (eastman must have made them —anyway it threw several scenes

off –

70ft+9fr—do not go by code, but go from length of original film (loner & dirt road).

77ft+ 2 fr. (Highway with trucks and cars on it-AA193O – short on tail- but next scene (sheep at windmill) this

windmill scene is short on tail, so all more extra on front for tail of it.(Hope so many tails dont confuse you,

83ft + 37fr.L.

118 ft + 28 fr. copy has no code – Orig. Aoo12 – so go by length

122 ft  19 fr. copy has no code – Orig. Aool6- so go by length

131ft+ 25fr. White leader in copy    – Orig C4221 (piles of earth) go by length of copy

134 ft. + 9 fr. no code on copy    Orig A0019    go by length

144 ft + 25fr.    (high school)    AA1743 this scene is short on tail -so allow on beginning of Orig


160 ft    disregard light blue narrow line as beginning of dissolve mark. The correct wide dark blue line

follows – also after the dissolve in the next scene has light blue line following the correct dark blue disregard

this also.

171 ft + 2 fr. short on tail – plenty on front end.

189ft + 37 fr. White leader in copy corresponds to uncoded Orig-go by original. It is small children on sch.

ground walking in line…

195 ft    + 9 fr. A0078 dissolves into end title Color Sep. really tore it up at the end.

198 end of film

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