Jan De Swart

I received a wonderful phone call last night from Jock De Swart, son of the famous sculptor, Jan De Swart. We had mentioned his father’s name in an article in the Francis Line area of the website. Jock may have been searching for his father’s name in Google or another search engine, and this website was in the search results. (You can use our own search function to find the original article).

It seems that Jan and Jock spent quite a bit of time at the Line’s home at Eagle Rock. Jock remembers it quite well. As you may know from the other articles here, Francis and Helen actually owned the famous rock, and lived in it’s shadow for many years.

For more information on Jan De Swart, here is a LINK to the google search I ran on him. And thanks very much, Jock, for your phone call. I hope we can get together soon and chat about the Lines.

–Grace McKay

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