Maynard Dixon 1943-45


Maynard Dixon was one of the friends of Francis Line. He owned a cabin in Mt. Carmel, Utah. In the war years of 1943 to 1945, Francis and Helen with their daughter Adrienne visited the cabin on a regular basis.

Thanks to Paul Bingham for helping us to find this artist. Articles about Maynard Dixon can be found on his website or at the Thunderbird Foundation website. Paul is the curator of Dixon’s cabin in Mt. Carmel and has helped us to identify some of the people in Line’s film.


The Line’s saved up their gasoline ration coupons for the trip. From their home in Eagle Rock, California, and coasting part of the way, they made the journey with some gas to spare.  Once there, Francis had access to Dixon’s friends who took him along as they went out to work in the area.  There were Utah cowboys who took him along on a horse round up for the production of “Thunderhead-Son Of Flicka“.  Tine Tate, a trapper, and his wife, took him on a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Dixon, himself, took Line along in his Woodie station wagon when he was looking for places to paint.
Electric Pictures has acquired over 6 hours of film that Francis and Helen took in those years. Some of the images are in our Image Gallery for your enjoyment.  Others can be seen in the PBS documentary “The Perilous Fight” now on DVD.

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