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Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thirty-three

XXXIIIDispelling a Myth, on Our 55th 1983“Your 55th wedding anniversary? You shouldn’t attempt hiking down that Canyon. You’ll fall and break some bones. Especially if you go down the Kaibab Trail. It’s too steep.” That, in essence, was the nature of the comments which we heard from several persons — […]


“When we get to the Grand Canyon you children are not to touch a thing.” InterludeTHE FAMILY CIRCUS Visits Grand CanyonWriters with words, artists with paint, photographers with film — they all attempt to portray Grand Canyon. But there are also the cartoonists. With pen in hand and tongue in […]

Grand Canyon Love Story chapter Thirty-one

XXXI“The Great Unknown” We have endeavored to explore Grand Canyon, not alone physically, but intellectually, aesthetically, and spiritually as well. Searching out, in our reading, rare descriptive or otherwise revealing passages about the Canyon has made us the recipients of rich treasure. What exclamation leaped from the lips of the […]

Grand Canyon Love Story chapter thirty

XXXThe Cemetery Is a History Bookl The 1980sSome Grand Canyon visitors find that their greatest exhilaration comes at Grandview Point. Others go into the Canyon’s hidden depths for solace and satisfaction. Among those who love the Canyon best, Point Sublime is often the chosen spot for seeking uplift. All of […]

Grand Canyon Love Story chapter twenty-six

XXVIThe Legend of Havasu Canyon Where the waters of Havasu Creek originate is not known for certain. But, even before continuing the mile-and-a-half downstream to Supai Village, we took steps to solve for ourselves, at least partially, the mystery of its origins. Heading upstream, we soon came to a beautiful […]