Scrapbook On America chapt 27

Chapter 27

Why Life Begins at 80

by Helen E. Line

This article appeared in the July /August issue of New Life News

There are essentially very good reasons for making the 1 statement that “Life Begins at 80.” As on who has reached that age, I can speak with some authority.
We 80-year-olds have left the period of teenage stress. We have weathered the middle-age fling.
We’re through with keeping up with the Jones’s. We see life as a lovely gift.

Hopefully we have learned how to eat simply, exercise properly, and take time to listen to others.

Listening with the heart instead of the head will open floodgates of possibilities for the listener and the talker.

Eighty-year-olds have more time. Drawing on our years of experience, we have the ability to appreciate the subtle aspects of life.

Eighty-year-olds can see the beauty and wonder of the planet earth, and even the tiniest flower can bring joy to a cloudy day.

And at last we know who we are—
one of God’s chosen ones!