Soul of a Traveler pg 1

January 21, 1941

Dear Friends:
Our little Barbara passed away peacefully in her sleep Saturday night, January 18. She was eight years and two months old.
Barbara, after feeling poorly in November, was taken ill on December 6, 1940, with acute lymphatic leukemia – an ailment for which there is at present no cure.

We did all in our power to help her. From everywhere in America came offers of aid, and the beautiful and unselfish contacts which we made shall never be forgotten. Until sometng like this comes up, one does not realize how many friends one has. Especially to such persons as Barbara’s nurse,Mrs. Walker; to our landlady in Los Angeles, Mrs. Reed; and to Dr. Smiley, we owe thanks more than can ever be expressed.

Our past six weeks with Barbara have perhaps been the most beautiful we have ever spent. Throwing all other cares aside, we have read together, played games, taken. pictures, and celebrated  a Christmas, a New Years, and her daddy’s and grandpa’s birthdays.

Most of the time Barbara was very happy.    But there were
periods of extreme trial and suffering.    have never seen any
one more brave than she. Except for one or two occasions, she went through the whole six weeks without a tear. Up to the very last, when asked how she was feeling, Barbara always answered, “I’m just fine.” Our only hope is that we may show a portion of the courage in the rest of our lives, that, she exhibited in her time of greatest trial.

The last words Barbara spoke were: “Where is Adrienne?”

To our friends in Eastern America we want to say that, since this has happened, Helen and Adrienne will accompany me on my eastern lecture tour in February to Michigan and Washington, D.C. We hope to see many of you at that time.

714E 542 Rosewood Court
Ontario, California

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