Announcement-“University of Michigan Lectures”

“University of Michigan Lectures”

The Line Brothers’ illustrated lecture

Introducing the Line Brothers
Winfield and Francis Line, of the University of Michigan, are would travelers, journalists, and lecturers. They have seen life and tasted adventure in every state in the Union, traveling by foot. bicycle, and motor. They have explored all twelve of America’s National Parks and have penetrated to most of her National Monuments. They have circumnavigated the world.

The Paris (France)Hearld says:

: “Seldom have two travelers had such varied experiences as the Line Brothers of America. whose mode of travel has shown them all sides of life, brought them into contact with strange and weird characters, and led them to many a thrilling adventure. Queer customs, interesting human nature, and strange scenes have been their special quests.”

Introducing their lecture

“The By-Ways of the World” is the lecture which the brothers are delivering this year, to thousands of people of southern Michigan, northern Indiana, and Ohio. It is an illustrated presentation of their latest journeyings to the far corners of the earth. It has been sponsored by churches, parent-teacher associations, schools, and various organizations in towns ranging from a hundred to a million population.

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“Howell’s High School auditorium, the largest audience room in the city, was packed to capacity last Thursday evening to greet the Line Brothers.  . Their lecture was alive with interest and interspersed with incidents humorous and• pathetic.”
—Livingston Republican.

“I want to thank you for the fine lecture enjoyed by our people last night. Your presentations were fresh, vivacious, and to the last word interesting.”
—Rev. L. S. Brooke, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Detroit

“We feel that gate receipts of one hundred and eight dollars in a town of a hundred population speaks for itself as to the drawing power of the lecture, ‘The By-Ways of the World’.”
—Hartland Consolidated Schools.

“Through your lecture you have made possible our new high school athletic bleachers. In behalf of the Student Union I wish to thank you and extend the wish that we may have you with us again.”
—C. C. Schaffer, Superintendent Midland Schools.

“I envy these young men their store of world information and adventure.”
“The by-ways of the world”       
C. V. Courter, Superintendent Flint Schools.   

“Their clear portrayal of the political and economic situations of Europe, the Philippines, and japan, I consider of the greatest value to my students and to the people of Byron.”           
—Superintendent of Schools.

“I was particularly pleased with the beautiful scenes, in natural colors, with which the lecture, ‘The By-Ways of the World’ is illustrated. It was the finest travel lecture I have ever attended.”           
—Willis L. Lyons, Probate Judge of Livingston County.

“We have heard of your lecture. Both the Masons and my church wish to sponsor it in this city.”       
—Rev. Fred A. Line, Indianapolis, Indiana.   

“Their trip was a great one and they tell the story well. Their lecture shows clearly that they were observing students of human life and learned much from their experiences.”           
—John S. Page, Superintendent Howell Schools.

The Line Brothers in Native Costume—Tokyo, Japan

On their latest journey of study and adventure, which carried them 44,000 miles through thirty-seven countries on five continents, the brothers attempted always to adopt the ways and customs of the strange places which they explored.