Francis R. Line “LAPLAND ADVENTURE” program

Francis R. Line
OCTOBER 21, 1946

Tonight’s Speaker

FRANCIS R. Line has reached the top of his chosen field for two reasons. First, he is one of those rather unusual products of the lecture stage, a real platform personality. Secondly, his film-lectures convey the deep and real spirit of what he pictures. Line grew up in a small town in Michigan. At the age of 11 he traveled by bicycle with his brother through the eastern states. At 18, he hiked to every state in the Union and worked his way through the University of Michigan by lecturing on his travels. At 21 he made his first journey around the world. He has been lecturing and traveling most of the time since.In the university he was a Phi Beta Kappa student. In the world at large he is a student of peoples. He has the rare ability to portray the spirit and essence of places and peoples and countries. Those who see a Line film remember it vividly five and six years later. This is one reason why he has so often been ranked at the top in audience votes on lecture courses throughout the nation. Of the eight major films that Line has produced, four have won national recognition for being among the best films in America.

Line is a member of the Los Angeles Adventurers Club, founder and director of the Chaffey Art Association of California, and owner of the famed “Eagle Rock” in Los Angeles. With his family he lives adjacent to this great rock and is preserving it as an historic shrine and natural landmark.

CHINA    December 4
Land of the Mings and Chiang Kai-shek—-the splendor of the past and the promise of the future struggling together in the tremendous task of building a modern nation.
ENGLAND    January 10
AUSTEN WEST, Narrator Austen West leads us over the green isle of England. revealing its beauties and charms in color film.
HERBERT LANKS, Narrator A trip by car on a breath-taking journey among the jungles, valleys, mountains and plains of Central and South America–a preview of the trip you may one day take in your own car.
•    WENDELL CHAPMAN, Narrator
One of the truly rare screen stories that words can scarcely describe. Noted naturalists journey through the Rockies to film in color the incomparable scenery and rare animals.
A sailing ship, the great Pacific. strange sights in mysterious lands—a film Journey to satisfy the “explorer” urge in every one of us.
PRICES: 90c, $1.20, $1.80 (Inc. Tax)
The Mission Playhouse    AT. 4-3277–CU 3-1515
April 21
Thorne Hall Travel Series
“Lapland Adventures
Francis R. Line

This year the management of Thorne Hall has been most fortunate in receiving active cooperation and interest from various organizations. Groups of the community have helped to sponsor the Artist Series; the Parent-Teacher Associations are conducting the Children’s Matinee Programs for their enterprise; and the Occidental College Faculty Women’s and Mothers’ Clubs have sponsored the Travel Series. These latter groups are engaging in this project to provide a general scholarship fund for deserving students. We feel that the results of this project will be three-fold: the increase of the scholarship fund; an enlargement of the program of Thorne Hall; and most important, the promotion of a greater understanding and congeniality within the membership of the several clubs. To these people, who have so ably assisted us, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation.

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“Lines on Line”
Francis R. Line is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. At the age of 11 he traveled with his brother by bicycle throughout eastern America, at 18 he hiked to every state in the Union, at 21 he had been to most of the countries of the world. At the University, he specialized on Pacific problems, and has a wide acquaintance with this area. He is one of America’s foremost color photographers.
Coffee will be served in the forecourt of Thorne Hall directly after the performance. It is hoped that everyone will partake. The hostesses for this evening are Mrs. H. H. Bingham, Alpha Tau Omega; Mrs. George Baker, Phi Gamma Delta; Mrs. L. C. Chandler, Off-Campus Mothers’ Club; and Mrs. 0. Paul Straubinger, Faculty Women’s Club. The coffee is served through the courtesy of the Ben Hur Coffee Company.
The public is cordially invited to attend an organ recital by Mr. Walter E.
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The next Children’s Matinee Program will be held on Saturday, November 9, at 2 p.m. It will feature an organ recital, short subjects, and a children’s ballet from the Norma Gould School of the Dance. Children, ten cents; adults, twenty-five.
Ibsen’s play, “The Masterbuilder,” will be the attraction at the second event in the Occidental College Artist Series. Mr. Fritz Leiber, noted Shakespearean actor, will be starred. Mr. Leiber will be supported by members of the Occidental Players under the direction of Joseph Batcheller. The date is November 12, Tuesday evening, at 8:15 p.m. Reservations, ALbany 3151.