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A “Biologue” Being Shown on the Pacific Coast for the First Time
* This compelling and unique motion picture was conceived, researched,
photographed and edited by the
(Foremost producers of American documentaries who will be remembered for “Sheep, Stars and Solitude”)
The film is in beautiful Kodachrome color and presented in person by Mr. Line. The narration is by Marvin Miller — “the man of a thousand voices,” well-known as a top film narrator.
The most comprehensive motion picture ever made about Lincoln — going so far as to show his global influence. To secure the sequences the Lines last year capped their exhaustive search for material by traveling around the world. Previously, they had spent several seasons traveling through the Lincoln country (covering 24 states) to capture its moods and atmosphere.
This remarkable film sketches the sweeping scenes of Lincoln’s life which took him from an unschooled youth in primitive surroundings of Kentucky and Indiana, through a manhood of high leadership in Illinois, to War President and Emancipator.
More than any other American, Lincoln has been honored in sculpture and other monuments throughout this country, Japan, India, Hawaii, Holy Land, Greece and England. Statues have been photographed with new techniques and special lenses that make them virtually “come alive.” These statues and bas reliefs carry the story of his childhood, youth and manhood as rail splitter, student, soldier, lawyer, president and commander-in-chief.
Lincoln’s immortal words, from the Farewell Address at Springfield, The Gettysburg Address, the “House Divided” speech, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, t h e Cooper Union Address, the First and Second Inaugurals, the Emancipation Proclamation and others are presented with the actual background plus the voice of Marvin Miller—an authority in interpreting the true voice of Lincoln.