Line’s Notes-Lapland Adventure

Francis R. Line


A large bombproof cellar, with tunnel leading from it to the school, had been erected there. We owned a part of tunnel and bomb cellar, since all parents had been assessed for their construction.
That night our return train pulled into London on Platform 15 of Victoria Station. We looked at the large station.  A clock and noted the time-8:04 p.m. A–few-minutes after that, Platform 15 had been wrecked by a bomb.  The train we had just left was shattered, and the large statIon–clook–demolIshed. German sympathizers were suspected.

Our departure on ‘the Queen Mary was its last civilian sailing for six years. By the time our cancelled September departure date arrived , World War II had started; the Queen Mary had been converted to a troop carrier. With a children’s film on England and Holland, our adventure film on Lapland, and a documentary of Finland that was scarcely a month old, we were back home, safe.