Line’s Programs-Road To Granduer

“Road to Grandeur”
One highway in this land every American—sometime or other—should travel from end to end. That is U.S. 89, which commences in the wonders of Glacier National Park on the Canadian Border and stretches grandly southward past Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Salt Lake City and the myriad marvels of Utah, Grand Canyon and the Indian Country, the splendors of Arizona, and thence to the Mexican border.

For years the Lines have been laying plans to film this most spectacular of all American highways. Now it has been accomplished.

“ROAD TO GRANDEUR” is a powerful and unified color motion picture story of a continuous journey along a single roadway. It represents two full years of workmanship, and gives wide scope to Line’s ability to combine scenic grandeur with real humor, adventure, suspense and depth of perception.
“ROAD TO GRANDEUR” has the forceful ingredients necessary to a great motion picture of almost universal appeal. These are important facts to consider when choosing a program.


Prologue—The Canadian Rockies
Montana Magic
Mounties at the Border Going-to-the-Sun Highway Bear Grass and Bare Escapes Mirror Lakes and Glaciers Story of the Blackfeet
What Makes a Highway

Wonders in Wyoming
Yellowstone Park
Line Tries Art and Fishing Valley of 1000 Smokes Magic in the Morning Mudpots and Crackpots How to Tour a Park World’s Grandest Lake Teton Reflections (2 kinds)
Idaho Interlude

Understanding Utah
Pioneers and Pretty Girls World’s Greatest Bird Refuge The Desert’s Shining City Blasting Bingham Copper Bryce on Horseback
Kanab, Outdoor Movie Capital How the Stars Make Movies Coral Sands and Red Cliffs Panorama of Movie Locations

Arizona for Action
The West is Still Wild
The Arizona Strip
Buffalo and the Kaibab Navajo Bridge and Cameron The Grand Canyon
Jerome, “Ghost” Town Supreme
Brilliant Oak Creek Canyon Great Cities of the Desert Arizona “Bullfights” are Fun

EPILOGUE — South of the Border to Guaymas and the Sea of Cortez