Line’s Programs-Introducing FRL


In the last fifteen years Francis R. Line has personally presented his color motion pictures before more than a million persons in America, on nearly every major lecture course in the land from the National Geographic’s CONSTITUTION HALL in Washington, D.C. (eight appearances) to the 3000-seat Civic Auditorium in his own Pasadena (ten appearances.) Columbia University’s Illustrated Lecture Course has presented him twelve times, and the World Adventure Series of Detroit, twenty times, demonstrating a popularity seldom equalled.
* * *
Humor and adventure, intelligent commentary, superior photography, plus the fact that his films contain an indescribable quality often termed spiritual, are the reasons for their success.
* * *
Ninety-three percent of Line’s bookings have been repeat engagements, which has lowered his advertising and booking costs to a degree that he can present superior programs at reduced fees. Of importance to the peace-of-mind of Program Chairmen is the fact that in his fifteen years on the platform, Line has never missed nor been late for a single engagement.
* * *
Line is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He has written and photographed for the National Geographic Magazine, is the founder of the Chaffey (California) Art Association, and owner of California’s famed natural landmark, the Eagle Rock, where he is creating a bird and wild life refuge. Versions of his films have been translated and distributed in twenty-three foreign languages. He is a member of the Los Angeles and New York Adventurer’s Clubs, the New York Explorer’s Club, and the Circumnavigators.
COLUMBIA RIVER COUNTRY is the story of a 1270 mile adventure-
packed journey from the Columbia’s source in the Canadian Rockies of
Canada to its mouth on the Pacific Coast. A folder is available on request.
SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WEST presents the continuous story of a rollicking, humor-packed trip which the Line family made in their “midget” station wagon. It is 20,000 miles of laughs, adventure, and beauty, with a deep under-current of spiritual values. A special brochure
is available.
Word has been received that Francis R. Line is the all-time first place winner in the audience popularity vote of America’s oldest and largest illustrated travel course — The World Adventure Series of Detroit. The voting included nearly every leading travelogue personality of the last twenty-one years. Plans have been set to honor Line on special Television and stage presentations at the World Adventure Series’ “Coming of Age” anniversary program in Detroit

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