Winfield Henry Line Condensed Diary 1902-87

Important Events, Dates From 1944 to Present
With Sketchy Dates Before 1944
Property of Winfield H. Line

June 6, 1902: Grace Song-Line born in Pyongyang, Korea
Sept. 26,1902: Winfield Henry Line born in Linesville, Penn.
1902: Winfield moved to Grand Junction, Colo.         
1903: Winfield moved to New London, Ohio
1912: Winfield moved to Howell, Michigan
1917: Grace taught high school in Pyongyang, Korea
1918: Grace went to Tokyo Medical College
1919: Grace tortured & imprisoned by Japanese
1922: Grace graduated with M.D.
1922-23: Winfield and brother, Francis, hiked the U.S.
October 5, 1924: Grace & Winfield met in A.A. Fall Leaves
1925: Grace worked at the Hilton Hotel-Bayview
1925-26: Winfield and Francis went around the World-13mo.
1926:Grace drove with (Pop& Mom) to Seattle in camped
1926: Winfield & Francis met their folks in Seattle
1928: Winfield graduated from University Of Michigan-Jan.
June 20, 1928:W.L. & G. married at Lake Chemung by Rev. F. Line
1929: Grace graduated U. of M. with M.S. and PhD M.D.
1933: Grace’s father died in Korea
1933:Winfield elected to the board-First National Bank
1933-37: Kay came-graduated in music-returned to Korea
1934: Winfield learned to fly
1938:Grace & Winfield go to Korea to aid Kay
1939: Grace and Winfield bought a small cabin in Northport
1940: Winfield bought a Bellanca airplane
1940: Flew Bellanca to California and returned
1940: Winfield & Grace gave 500 lectures on Korea
1941: Winfield gets numerous airplane licenses in Florida
1941: Grace in Washington D.C. with Syng-man Rhee
1941:Winfield & Grace buy a house in Palm Springs
1941:War with Japan
1942:Winfield teaches flying-Grace teaches MSC 
1942:Grace meets with Gov. Van Wag & Mrs. Roosevelt
Jul.1942:Winfield & Grace sell Line Stores to D& C-20 yr leases 
Apr.1943: W.L. & G. buy homes in Palm Springs,California & Paradesia Point, Michigan

In 1944 to 1987 Winfield kept a daily diary of events

January 1, 1944: Winfield started keeping a diary daily.  He had a house in Palm Springs at 571 S. Indian Trail which he bought in 1941.  That morning he began a climb of Tahquitz Peak while Grace made a pastel painting.  The climb took him two days.

January 10: Winfield sold the “remains” of his Bellanca for $922.50 to Mr. Miller, then sold the Ashville Building for $5000.00.

January 18: Winfield & Grace found the first Indian Tea in Whitewater Canyon with Ilick.

January 24:  the Lines met Dr. Robertson, McCartney & wife, Lucille, at Illick’s.

January 29: bought horse for Grace-$65, because could not find guinea pig.

February 1: met Tillie Grimm and the Steve Willard’s.

February 6: Halliburton inspiration for book.

February 9: Paul & Tillie Grimm, Cholla was visiting us.

February 14: trailer park deals with Illick’s (see Feb.19).   Willard lettuce dinner.

February 15: met Bill. We ith and talked about Illick trailer deal.

February 17: met the G.N. & S. Wards.

February 19: met Mrs. Markham at the Wards.

February 22: met Meta Hormel & Mrs. John Jenkins. Grace spoke about Korea aid.

February 26: met John Hormel when he came to our house.

March 11: Grace ill and uses flax seed juices-my impression of Meta Hormel.

March 26: Dr. Beneman came to help Grace.

March 23 to April 4: Nooney’s helped care for Grace. Lewis & I hired “Cynchina”.

April 15-20: Yams and Grant Miller– 8,000 plants.

April 21: met Harry Mann at rifle range.

April 24: took famous McCartney Bros. to Desert Inn.

April 26: met Mrs. Cockerel at museum-hummingbird-eagle.

May 7, 1944: night in Eagle Canyon with Grimm’s.

May 11: baby hummer-Dr. Cockerel.

May 26: met Willard prices.

June 27: Grace oil painting of our house.

June 29: met “Horsy” Orest Johnson at police force.

July 10-11: Idyllwild & Tahquitz Peak became rangers.

July 15: met Art Davis at Illick’s

July 26- September 3: on Tahquitz Peak

August 3-18: ringtail cats

August 4- 5: Winfield & Grace climbed to top of San Jacinto Peak in the moonlight

August 27: 100,000-acre fire

September 8: met Phili & AHN

September 13: met Steve Ragsdale on top of Santa Rosa.

September 15: deer hunting with Joe Patencio.

September 28: joined police force

September 29: net the Walters-next 2 lots

October 2: caught first horned toad

October 10-11: police station work

October 22: agreed to teach Sunday school class

October 27: met Francis Crocker & Culver Nichols

October 31: Winfield hikes up San Jacinto

November 1: desert Steve comes to Palm Springs.

January 1945 ringtail cats amuse all

January 13: met Audrey Ovington

January 22-23: about hummers

January 27: Led first field trip for museum

February 5: met Ludivica Diamond Graham

February 6-9: Younghill Kang and Mrs. Graham

February 13: Winfield permanently appointed to M.S.U. staff.

February 20-21: Met Rudolph Friml at Hazel Meyers

February 28: met Will and Wanda Peake at Bigelow party for Pillsbury

March 31: first met Zaddie Bunker

April 5: Paul and Helen Gay came for month

April 16: Desert Steve wants us to buy $800 cabin.

April 17: again met Peakes at our tennis club lecture

April 18: Grace played hard in church.  Met Alschuler’s

April 28: helped Grant Miller plant yams on Joe Patencio’s land

May 5: ate our first rattlesnake

May 11: insured home for $7750 with Herb Samson

May 20: Steve Ragsdale will handle buying cottage $800 for us.

May 25-27: Clint Bauer and I climbed top San Jacinto for rattlesnakes

June 6-7: guests of Mrs.Graham in the Mission Inn

June 11-13: sold trailer park interest to Illick’s

June 13: left Palm Springs for Michigan via Reno and Mrs. Grahams

June 17-19: rode horses in high sierras with Grimms-Willards

June 27: Mrs. Knight dies day we were to meet her in Reno.

June 30: chatted with Senator Pat McCarran at Grayholm

July 2: gave lecture at University of Nevada. Introduced by Pres. Moseley.

July 8: Nearly died in Great Lake

August 5: first atomic bomb dropped in Japan

August 14: war ended. We went to T.C. with Howard Platt to celebrate.

August 1945: old friends Dr. Russell & Jane Herons, Bill & Alice Donovan

September 7: In Chapita a lot with Platts, Hughes, & McClinties

September 19-21: Howard Platt installed our furnace.

September 1945: tried to resign from the bank board.

September 25-October 9: I piloted on Miller’s boaton the Atlantic-Hudson-Mohawk (great Mogul) with Chas. Miller.

September 30: met Grace in Philly and when on to New York. Met Prof. Kang. Grace had bad case of poison ivy.  Has been in Washington D. C.

October 4: Grace returned to Washington D.C. I up Hudson. Grace home

October 7 sick.

October 14: Geo. Not yet home with boat.

October 24: Hunted with Jay Holt.

October 29: had my one and only heart check up with Dr. Wilson Uof M.

October 30: left for Palm Springs by car. Poor tires-many blowouts.

December 2: Clint Bauer & I hiked Palm Springs to Pinion Pines cabin

December 3: met Clint Bauer.

December 16: enjoying Pinion Pines cabin & joined Coachella Valley Rifle Club

December 25: goose dinner with Gamms then to Bauer’s

December 26: Drove to Pinion Pines and found Steve Ragsdale had new secretary, Terry Lowe.

December 27: Chas & Bess Line came shot daily at rifle range

December 29: Winfield lectured & met Lloyd Mason Smith

January 1, 1946: Rose Parade with Pop and Mom, Francis & Helen

January 8: shooting with Harry Mann, Winfield losing his teeth

January 16-17: old friends, Chas. & Bess Line, Iaddie, Mrs. Graham, Hormel’s, Mann’s, Bauer’s, Kim Ball’s gather in Palm Springs.

February 23: overnight in box canyon with Steve Ragsdale and John Hilton.

February 28: folks improving health under Grace’s care.

February 29: met Caldwell’s, Townsend’s, and Steel’s at Pinion Pines.

March 3: met Edmond Yeager

March 12-13: working on our Pinion Pines cabin with Steve & Terry

March 16: met Silver Miller-Art Nightingales housekeeper.

March 22-24: Stanley Ragsdale & I hunted Petroglyph Canyon

March 28: bought $50 worth of florescent rock from “Rockologist” Rose.

March 30: bought tent & camping equipment-mineral light from Stanley

April 1: put up tent at Pinion Pines & slept out most of winter

April 3: gathered garnets on Santa Rosa with Steve & Terry.

April 10: caught many red diamond back rattler in Magne Canyon

April 14: Bought 3-2 ½-acre parcels at Pinion Flats from Nightingale

April 21: dinner with Dr. & Mrs. Klauber and Cockrell’s

April 30: Clint Bauer & I made top of San Jacinto in the snow.

May 2: at Hormel’s dinner met Langtry’s and Ostrander’s

May 6: Mel Capper gave us a king snake

May 9: Koch’s came to our house.

May 11: fight between 50 King and red racer

May 25: find many snakes at night

May 28: Harry Mann & I climb Sheep Mountain & find old bag of groceries

May 29-31: $210 propane tank for cabin

June 2: Cahuilla Indian round up with Steve

June 7-8: Left ringtails with Mann’s at Arrowhead for summer.

June 9: Released our family of snakes & Lizards

June 12: bought Bosh & Lomb binoculars for $100

June 14: goodbye to folks, they are to ship snakes off for Michigan via Parks

June 15-24: Big Trees & Kings Canyon, Yosemite campout

July 1-7: Teton’s and Yellowstone campout

July 22: sold our small Northport cabin for $2500 to Rev. Brown

July 26: bought 8 man rubber boat, which Yoon children enjoyed for years.

August 8: met with new combined bank board.

August 28-September 2: Hormel’s our guest for week Northpoint

September 19: bought lot from Mrs. Ward $100

October 8-12: Hunted deer with Millers- bow and arrow- Black River Ranch

October 16: Ahn Svengwha visited us en-route to Korea

October 22: having Ole installs the windows in the cottage

October 27: sidewinders to Pres. Ruthven.  Pres. Hannah shows campus

October 28: off for California. Said goodbye Phipps, McP, Bebivey’s, Dr. Russell, Dr. Fiach.

November 17-20: Elk hunt with Harry Mann

November 20: Howard Platt passed away today.  O’Toelly’s-Hormel’s

November 26: Grace shot 5-10X-Bauers-Mann’s

December 1: Heard new Rev. Blackstone preach-Peakes

December 4: made peace with Grimm’s.  Gave box of cigars.

December 6: Harvey- Barbara Hughes, Jane Platt, Mabel Donovan –guests

December 7: death of Lt. Commander E.A. Conzeft “Spike” by a fire in Atlanta, GA.

December 14: Chas. Miller killed in Bellanca crash.

December 23: Grace & I take train to Chicago to meet Geo. M. & buy new Bellanca.

December 28-31: went to N. Y. – met Dr. Han- S.K. Dunn. Onto New Castle del To

January 1, 1947: Pick up new Bellanca & flew to Washington D.C.

January 3: met Harold Strickland & wife, Pat.

January 4: Picked up new Bellanca at New Castle. Back to Washington D.C.

January 5: visited with Dr. Syngman Rhee.

January 6: off for Camden, S.C. for 4 Army instrument panels

January 10: Dinner with Pres Hannah. Grace & he worked on intern development plans.  Also to bring Kong Shyn & husband to college to teach.

January 15: Dean Emmons & wife fly to California in Bellanca with us.

January 22: Big party for Emmons’s at our home, 25 guests.

January 24: Met H. Earl Hoover at museum.

January 30: Francis Line gave “Sheep, Stars, & Solitude” before 5000

February 1: met Ferny Wurlitzer & Craig Smith at Peakes.

February 4: guests of Ludanca Dimon Graham at San Francisco

February 9: Bill & Alice Donovan came also Ben McDermott’s dinner

February 10: Will & Wanda Peake & Ferny & Grace Wurlitzer

February 11: Frequently shoot at rifle range

February 12: flew to Congress Jct. For overnight camp & hunt.

February 19: dinner at John & Meta Hormel with Jay & Jerry Hormel.

February 23: flew to San Diego where Bert Pate just died.  Gilman gist.

February 27: Don & Florence Dearing used our cabin & repaired pipes.

March 12-15: Bellanca camping trip- Death Valley, Lake Mead, Colorado River

April 2-5: Bellanca to Monument Valley-Harry & Mike Goulding knee.

April 15: Grace played harp at church- Dr. McCartney retires.

April 17: Peake consolidated deal

April 20-24:  Peakes trip in Bellanca to Monument Valley & Deming. Grace saved Warren Starky’s life-heart.

May 4: Grace working with ceramics.

May 6: met Ray & Enid Wiltse-Hunted snakes.  Have 26 on porch.

May 10: Grace successfully combats her hay fever with vitamin C and Calcium.

May 13: Joseph S. Illick says trailer park netting $50,000 a year.

May 14: Pop & Mom improving under Grace’s care.

May 15: Korean judge had gift and samples form Whashin wants us to sell us.

May 19: Grace & Zaddie see Giamini on cousin’s samples

May 22-24: took Zaddie on beautiful flight to Yellowstone

May 29: Took Giannini’s to dinner at the doll house with Zaddie.

May 31: Dinner at Hichey’s

June 3-12: off for Washington D.C. 27 states-Zaddie as co-pilot. 6340 miles.

June 6: worked with Wah Chang on Tungsten.

June 19: flew Bellanca to San Francisco. Visited Giannini at his home.

June 20: Still working on cousin’s deal in San Francisco.

July 6-10: Bellanca to Grays Harbor for clams

July 14-18: Drove to San Francisco.  Met Yoon family. Also Giannini, Graham, Bauer’s

July 23: Grace & Winfield off for Michigan in Bellanca. Yoon’s went on train yesterday.

September 4-6: flew to Hormel’s in Austin, Minn.

September 12-15: flew Bellanca to California with Grace & Soonie.  14,600 feet over mountains.

September 20-22: Bellanca to San Francisco with Bauer’s. Lunch with Mrs. Graham.

September 26-28: Bellanca to Howell with Grace, Pop & Mom & Soonie.

October 2-4: Black River Ranch bow and arrow hunting.

October 11-13: Black River Ranch bow and arrow hunting.

October 19: Flew Dr. Hannah & Tom King to Blaney and Northport.

October 20-29: Pheasant hunt in South Dakota with Thurber Cornell in the Bellanca.

November 8-12: flew Bellanca to California.

December 3: Pres. Hannah & Dr. Holland visited us in Palm Springs.

December 11-12: Death Valley flight with Zaddie Bunker

December 21-22: flew Bellanca to Michigan for Christmas with Yoon’s & Blum

December 24: Received $10,000 checks from cousin though Dr. H. Bansted.

January 5-6, 1948: flew Bellanca to Palm Springs.

January 14: 1200 mile day to Monument Valley with Mann’s & Lloyd Mason Smith.

January 16-18: I went up to Tahquitz Falls daily with a pack.

January 19-21: flew Bellanca to San Francisco with Zaddie.  Met Giannini & Graham, Carl Brisson & Cleo.  J.K. poisoned Rodrigo about cousin.

January 23: met Harold & Louise Hopkins at Ostrander- went to Hormel’s for dinner.

February 6: dangerous flight with Hopkins then to Yuma.

February 14: Bought $800 piano through Craig Smith.

March 5-7: Dr. Ansted, Hormel’s, and Mrs. O’Reilly, Peakes, McCartney’s Horkviious Dancers.

March 10: met with Mario Giannini & Mrs. G, Zaddie, Mann’s, Herb Dancer.

March 11-12: John Hormel 72 store business with H.H. Dancer, Wurlitzer.

March 29 to April 5: marlin fishing at La Paz with Harold Hopkins-7 fish, two for me, met Earle Stanley Gardner.

April 18: Grace helping Grace Wurlitzer men taut

April 24: have 18 live rattler on the porch.

April 25: Yuma & Petroglyph with Alshulers

April 27: McCartney- Alshulers- O’Reilly’s-Bennett’s- Leusslers.

May 2: flew Bellanca to Michigan-Chicago- met the Ansted’s and Dr. Watson

May 5: bought Crosley car for $1072

May 6: discussed “international service, inc.” with Dr. Ansted.

Mary 14: flew Bellanca to California (worked on D&C deals & Kay’s immigration).

May 20-22: Grace working with 2 heart cases: Peake & Starkey.

May 29: off for Michigan in Bellanca.

June 4-6: U.P. in Bellanca with T. Corwell Timber–cruising.

June 18-20: 20th wedding anniversary with Wurlitzer’s –flew to Nigeria Falls

June 25: Poksyn born in Howell.  Bought Grumman aluminum canoe total cost of  $174 (35 credit Russell Caw 32)

July 1: flew her to Northport

July 3: Bill Canfield died.

July 11: Grace working with Ray Witse who visited us in N.P.

July 20: Soon Young sings, “Jesus Loves Me” in the canoe.

July 26: flew Bellanca to Washington via Duluth.

July 29: almost killed in Glacier Park (also in 1925 on Grinnel Glacier).

August 2: worked with Ansted on Tungston etc. Lears-Peake

August 4: Peake not cutting us in on CNF deal.

August 5: flew Bellanca from Seattle to Monrovia, California.

August 10: Flew Bellanca from California to Michigan.

September 25-27: trout fishing-Bellanca- Millers U.P.

October 1: bow & arrow deer hunt on Black River Ranch-Millers

October 4: First view of Tahquaman on 2 mile hikes Raco Curley Lewis

October 15: worked with D & C on Brighton. Dinner with Dr. Hannah.

October 22: Grace and I flew in Bellanca to San Diego for Pheasant hunting. Met Cornell’s there.

October 27: Grace worked out health questionnaire & printed 1000 copies in San Diego.

November 2: bought 2 Wilson Zero safe from Geo. Miller.

November 3: bought first electric blanket.

November 12: sold Crosley for $900.

November 19: shot deer U.P. with Grace and Thurberc.

December 2: Bellanca to Alschuler seminal radio Evanston. Miller bought 500.

December 6: finally got Kay & children legally in the United States.

December 7: flew Bellanca to Salt Lake City-landed wheels up in Joliet.

December 11: at Palm Springs found earthquake had broken dishes.

December 13: J. M. Connell installed 100,000 Btu heater for $800.

December 15: flew Bellanca to 15,700 feet, had dip problems –no altitude effects.

December 30: 5 Korean women educators came for a party at Palm Springs.

In 1948 I flew Bellanca 5 times across the U.S.

January 6, 1949: flew Bellanca to Death Valley with Bauer’s

January 11: inch deep snow in Palm Springs

January 16: 46 inches of snow at our cabin in Pinion Pines-Ragsdale

January 17: 175 mile flight over upper desert showing Zaddie the snow.

January 26: took pop on 175-mile flight over the snow- shot at the range

January 28: bought Grimm’s “High Sierra” painting.

February 7: Hormel-Foster-Wurlitzer-Huxley-Paul Wilhelm meeting

February 8: Flew Aldous Huxley & wife on a 175-mile trip. Came home & heard Grace play at Wurlitzer’s on the harp-saw Wilhelm’s poems.

February 9-11: flew Bellanca & drove the Dodge to Arizona with the Mann’s.

February 14-15: Flew Bellanca & drove the car to Ajo to see pipe organ with the Mann’s.

March 3-5: Bellanca to Desert Center. Stuck in the desert- Lydia R.

March 13: Started planning the trip to Alaska.

March 20: First Polaroid picture at Wurlitzer’s party.

April 12-19: Grace and I took a trip to La Paz, Mexico, to test dead reckoning.

April 20: Gardener-rattler-police

April 22: I am Boys Club Director and Museum Director

May 5: Mann & I fish yellowtail-Coronado Islands

May 6: Grace works on paralyzed Barbara Wilson

May 8: Soonyoon playing piano successfully in Lansing

May 15: Grace worked with Henry Kazarian- success

May 20: Grace works on paralyzed Barbara Wilson- success

May 21: Grace final check on patients

May 25-29: Flew Bellanca to Monument Valley, Grand Junction, and Northport

June 6: Starkey heart praise

June 10: Bellanca checklist for Alaska

June 25: Grace now dog doctor.

June 27: Grace offers a job in Michigan State Hospital

July 1: took off for Alaska from Northport in Bellanca

July 16: Crossed Arctic Circle.  Wy Speers – Cluff Baby

July 17-18: whale hunting on Arctic Ocean with York Wilson-25 km

July 20: York Wilson flies Bellanca to see his 2000 reindeer

July 21: Siberia-we fly into tomorrow- back into yesterday – Nome

July 24: met E. C. Straub & Earl Towner-gold mine, railroad.

August 2: Unalakklett-pretty girls-Northern lights-fishing.

August 9: flying rainy pass.

August 27: Dr. Claude Watson helped organize Song Line Foundation.

September 6: flew Bellanca from California to Michigan

September 8: terrifying clouds over Missouri

September 11-15: flew Bellanca to New York with Kay

September 16: Grace takes out 2nd citizenship papers

September 22-23: Grace starts work at T.C. Mental Hospital as consultant.

October 4: Grace to be appointed to hospital staff.

October 13: Kay hires Miss Kurtz for $0.65 per hour to care for the children. She is 65.

October 21: Nimke bids on Grace. Grace praised by Dr. Sheets.

October 27: a typical day in D&C store planning business

November 13-27: Deer Hunting with Thorber & Stankey  Cornell

November 30: Wy Speers of Alaska catches Grace at Nimkes.

December 1: flew Bellanca from Michigan to California.

December 6:Towners from Alaska visit us.

December 11: Will Peake again asks Grace’s help on heart.

December 17: Doo beat up Kay. I flew Bellanca back to Michigan.

December 20: Winfield has mumps at St. Louis airport.

December 22: Derva McP. Great helps to Kay.

December 23: Kay wants a divorce.

December 25-27: Winfield had a bad fever.

December 28-31: Big hassle about sending Doo back to Korea and divorce.

January 1950: Kay gives up divorce with Doo.

January 16: Grace & I drove new Buick to Florida to see Millers & Chas. Line.

January 20: our first olives at Port St. Joe, Florida.

January did more shelling.  Got bowel trouble & poison ivy.

February 10: flew Bellanca to California.

March Mr. Speer & I enlarge the porch.  Grace aids Speer’s health.

April 10: flew Bellanca to Michigan for Grace’s citizenship.

April 13-14: bought Buick Estate Wagon-finest ever sold in Howell.  In 1975 we still had it.

April 14:  Grace receives citizenship exam.

April 18: flew American Airlines to California.  Winfield drove old Buick back to Michigan.

May 2: driving to Michigan. Big night in Las Vegas with Mann’s.

May 15: Grace sworn in as American Citizen today by Judge Lyons.

May 20: flew Bellanca to Jackson, Miss., for Piney woods talk & real estate.

June 26: sold Bellanca to L. Beurman for $2,500. Felt sad.

June 28: started for Mexico by car for 2 mos.

July 4: Avery I.S. Egrets & Mrs. Cockrell

July 6-11: San Antonio

July 30: Jay Hormel calls from Austin for 30 minutes on War in Korea.

September 26: took our old Bellanca & flew to Northport.

September 29: spotted three bald eagles in trees above cottage.

October 19: buy Paradise cabin from Tom Taylor.

November 1: received word from Korea all relatives safe.

November 23: left Michigan in new Buick for California; 2350 miles in 50 hours.

November 26: Francis Line lectures at Constitution Hall for National Geographic.

December 23: climbed San Grogonio; 11,500 with Clint Bauer.

Paradise cottage investment 1950

January 7_29, 1951: Grace flew to Michigan & Washington D.C. on 30 Sinss

January 20-21: Mel Capper & I take jeep through Coyote Canyon

January 23: Grace meeting with Senator Vandenberg, Knowland, and McCarren.

February 9: New swimming pool by Don Seiler.

February 21: Winfield falls out of a tree.

March 10: Working on Dosyn case.  Mettex Ziegler.

March 11: our neighbor- Howard Koch is a Communist: Casablanca (1942).
He was on the blacklist of presumed Communists, but he and his wife were able to
continue writing by moving to England and using pseudonyms-IMDb.

March19: First swim in our pool. Paid $1012.50 for Dosyn air tickets.

March 21: J. M. Connell installs 4000 c. f. air cooler on the roof for $260.

April 20: Dale mining district by jeep with Mel & Clint.

May 1: met the Dering’s.

May 8-11: had varicose vein operated on by Dr. John Costello.

May 11: Grace gives a party- 40 guests-for the Korean orphans, Blatz.

June 19: Drove Buick station wagon non-stop to Howell.

July 1: Kay will leave MSU-extra load for us- xx

July 9-11: Charles Line & Winfield drive to New London & Linesville.

July 9: first Line store started in 1887 in Linesville.

July 16: had home stationary with pictures printed.

July 28: left Paradise for California in Buick via Glacier Park.

August 4: met Hormel’s & Mrs. Graham in Reno.

August 7: watched Zaddie solo in Palm Springs.

August 21: flew commercial to Michigan.

November 5: 12-inches of snow at Paradise cabin.

November 14: mailed 21 packages to Korea-$103.18 postage.

November 11: deer hunt at Rose City

November 26: left for California in Buick.

December 19: rock hound trip to Wiley’s Well.

January 1,1952: Zaddie take over airport.

January 3: Grace advises John Hormel going to hospital.

January 5: Grace starts doing copper artwork.

January 10: Francis Line lectures on “7 Wonders of the West”

January 15: Gave Charles Line a TV for his 80th birthday- all signed the card.

January 31: Grace enters copper screen-wins first prize.

February 6: Winfield to be President of the museum in 1952. George VI died.

February 26: visited Mitchell Caverns on the way to Las Vegas with the Mann’s

February 28: on Colorado River below the dam with H. Mann.

March 3-4: history of Cahuilla and Barrow.

March 19-20: Death Valley with Mann’s.

March 29: Vast desert flower display with Cornelia White.

April 10: at Grace’s luncheon she raised $25,000 for the museum.

April 17: Will Peake told Grace he willed $35,000 in stock.

April 21-23: drove Buick from California to Michigan non-stop.

May 2: met Earl Hoover in Chicago. His quest for 2 days. Museum

May 5: 105 pounds of herring at Paradise smoked 50 pounds.

May 10: drove station wagon non-stop Michigan to California.

May 19: Earl Hoover asking Grace for help.

May-working hard on new museum plans

May- Grace still sending many relief packages to Korea

June 14: Peter Grand shows us Indian herbs.

June 20: king snake swallows a rattler.

June 25: drove Buick station wagon Altadena to Howell.

June 28: in Wyoming decided to hunt antelope in September.

July 2: K rotor examines our income tax.

July 25: helped Tom Taylor coat roofs-xxx.

August 14: sending $2000 to Ys in Korea?

August 15-18 with Hoover’s on Bois Blanc Is.

August 24: Grace helps “Paul” who passed out.

August 26: Grace helps Mirium Hoover with nic

August 27-29: Hoovers visit us in Northport.

September 3: canoe trip on Manistee River.

September 17 –October 3: first antelope hunt: 3 antelope, 2 deer, 2 bags rabbits.

October 9: Grace suggests we go to Paris for 2 years next year.

October 24-November 2: car trip to Boston-New York-Washington D.C.

November 17: decided to sell Palm Springs home.

January 2, 1953: Crocker vs. Sanctuary-resigned

January-busy with museum –plans our France trip

January 20: Lloyd Mason Smith to resign in June.

January 23: met new board member-Harold Hicks.

February 3: Grace perfects new cold remedy prevention.

February 6: met the Farrell’s & Orbach’s at racquet club.

March 14-26: drove Buick to Hoover’s in Glencoe & Howell.

April 1: left in Buick to Hoover’s with Kay & kids.

April 3-6: Yoon kids-Kay & Grace (6 of us) across the US to Palm Springs.
Saw Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, pueblos, snake farm.

April-Yoon kids meet Hormel’s, Wurlitzer’s, Peakes’, Littlebear, etc.

April 21: Doo wants to move family to California. Would upset plans. I was re-elected museum President, but will resign when we move to Europe.

April 22: Yoon family leaves by train for Michigan.

May 18: Lewis elected President-A1 fellow, sold PP lot to Hopkins.

June 2_6: trip to Yosemite on museum business.

June 20: out 25th wedding anniversary in Palm Springs.

June 24: pop sick, had stopped vit on doctor’s advice.

June 26: Harold Hicks needs health help from Grace.

June 30: Rink may leave City Manager job.

July 15: Jupes suicide in extreme heat.

July 22: drove Buick Palm Springs to Michigan- Gila monster died.

July 26: first visit to Dead Horse Point & Arches

July 31: offered to resign from First National Board.

August 22: Wonsin arrives in LA.

August 28: Wonsin arrives in Howell via Boston.

October 19: Geo. Munsew on Hendry River

October 25: Earl Hoover receives University of Michigan honor. Visits Howell.

November 10: sent $2000 to Y.S. to start business.

November 15: Lo hunted deer Rose City & Paradise

November 23: Wonsin to stay at Jappingas (due to Vera)

November 25: started in Buick for Hoover’s & Palm Springs.

November 28: Grace worked with Hoover on many Health herms

December 7: letter from Dosyn that Mother was alive.

December 14: Hicks told grace he contemplated suicide before she helped him.

December 21: received passports for European trip.

December 27: Nooney families visit us.

December 31: spent day with President Hannah & family.

January 11-12, 1954: Grace tries to help Lee James.

January 16: drove Buick from California to Howell.

January 17: visited Line’s, Johnson’s, & Straub’s in Phoenix.

January 22: visited Will Reader in Hospital.

February 1: flew commercial from Michigan to LA.

February 8 to March 4: Sailed on French freighter-LA to canal to Rotterdam.

March 4: Paris Windsor Hotel.

March 9: train to Nice.

March 10: sailed to Corsica.

March 19: sailed from Corsica to Nice for 3 days.

March 23: via air to Rome.

March 24-April 4: Rome, Venice, Florence, & Milan.

April 27: train to Geneva-Eden Hotel.

May 3: to Lausanne via train- Hotel Alexandra

May 5: to Paris by train-Hotel Moderne.

May 7: joined French class- Sorbonne (Alliance Francaise).

May 15: Grace meets Mme.Lheriter.

May 17: Anthony Lheritier address.

May 21: Joined Hoover in Paris for trips-6 days.

June 11: met the Ellsworth Osbourn’s.

June 14: Grace went to hospital for eye trouble.

June 15: Grace translates French medical books.

July 6: train to Lausanne-Mme Helene Besson-Auavant Poste.

July 7: left by air for Frankfort, Hamburg, & Berlin.

July 10: to Zurich and Geneva and Lausanne.

July 13: in school-University of Lausanne.

July 17: Boat trip to Lake LeMan & Chateau De Chillon.

July 21: visited Nestle factory with students.

July 23: took student trip to Jengfran.

July 31: Mt. Blanc trip with students.

August 1: visited Phil Boyd in Montreau.

August 7: Student trip to Zermatt-Matterhorn.

August 14: student St. Bernard Pass trip.

August 22: train to Paris-Hotel Madison.

August 23: Letter from Itsell, Will Fusader died August 12.

August 26: flew from Paris to London- Hotel Bedford-room 219

September 6: Letter from Itsell-our friend Thuber Cornell died August 18.

September 9: Jay Hormel Died-61 years old.

September 20-21: off on BOAC for Prestwick, Keflavik, New York, & home.

October 8: Francis Line lectured in Marquette. We went (copper harbor)

October 16: Doo Sun in auto wreck.

November 19: shot deer at Paradise.

December 13: Doo & Kyungshyn became US citizens.

December 15: left via Buick for Hoover’s & California.

December 25: spent Christmas in Big Bend National Park.

Harold Hopkins caught world record marlin 331 pounds

On 6 thread- 8 pounds line. Time: 4 hours 42 minutes.

January 5, 1955: outline of new trip to Europe in May.

January 31: electric garage door install today for $310.

January 31: our problems with Will Peake.

February 23: had 31 guests to meet Van Winkles.

March 13: Kyungshyn & Poksyn came by air.

March 14: Poksyn entered Cahuilla School in second grade.

833 E. Mesquite,Palm Springs, CA

March 14: official weights: Kay-134, Grace-106, Winfield-149, Poksyn-53.

March 30: Poksyn & Kay flew to Michigan.
Official weights: Kay-127, Grace-102, Winfield-143, Poksyn-53.

April 7-8: Catching rattlesnakes in the hills.

April 13: Hoovers spend 3 days with us.

April 18: Put in sewer for $450.

April 21: Grace works with Stewart Williams father.

April 27-May 4: drove Buick from California to Howell.

May 2: Bought 14-foot fiberglass boat for $200 & carried it on the car top.

May 17: Took mew 14-foot boat on 80-mile trip to E. Jordan-rough.

May 17: Grace received shoulder injury on rough boat trip.

May 24: left Howell for New York for 3 days, then onto Portugal.

May 27: Landed in Estoril.

June 1: Journeyed to Madrid and Toledo.

June 8: Arrived in Paris. Visited Virginia Starkey & E. Chung. US born.

June 12: Heard Billy Graham at American Church.

June 12: Met Mme. Lheritier.

June 16: Traveled on to Copenhagen.

June 23: Took a train to Bergen, Norway.

June 25: boarded Erlin Jerl for North Cape.

June 30: Climbed to the top of North Cape.

July 8: Bergen to Oslo by train.

July 9: to Stockholm.

July 12: by boat to Helsinki.

July 15: Plane to Hamburg.

July 17: to Vienna by air.

July 20: met Ethel & Roy Frankson in Vienna.

July 27: Air to Geneva.

July 30: Train to Lausanne to meet Mme. Bessons.

August 8-13: Winfield takes train to Italy & Germany.

August 15: Winfield arrives in Liechtenstein & St. Moritz.

August 22: Geneva-Paris-Hotel Madison- met the Osbourn’s.

August 25: flew to London-stayed in Hotel Bedford.

August 31: list of art in Tate Gallery.

September 1: flew to Ireland-Gander-Boston-New York- Detroit-Howell.

September 27: Grace in hospital with Bursitis.

November 16: started west in new Buick.

November 17-18: visited Hoover’s in Glencoe.

November 26: found burglars (boys) broke into house in Palm Springs.

December 3: had dinner with Dr. Scholl-73.

December 7: lunch with Hormel. Meta asked Grace for help with her eye.

December 18: flew Wonsin out for 2 weeks.

December 29: President & Mrs. Hannah & Bobby came for lunch.

February 6, 1956: snowed in Palm Springs.

March 11: Poksyn came for visit. Second grade.

March 20: Harry Mann & I went on a trip to Cholla Bay.

March 23: Harry Mann & I went to St. George Islands to see birds & sea lions.

April 9: Robert & Derma McP visit us for a week.

April 12: Poksyn leaves for home.

April 1956: caught many rattlesnakes.

May 1956: swimming up to 2-miles a day.

June 1: left for Korea with Harry & Lilia Lear.

June 1956: in Seoul the whole month.

July 8-17: stopped in Hawaii.

July 17-21: visited the folks at Eagle Rock and drove on to Palm Springs.

July 27: drove to Michigan via the Black Hills, Frankfort, & Northport.

August 24: did our first water skiing.

September 7-14: C.S. Line flew to Michigan. We drove to Linesville.

September 25: Pop had prostrate operation.

October 25-November 9: trip to Montreal, New York, & Howell.

November 12-24: hunted deer in Paradise, Minnesota.

December 7: left Howell for Hoover’s & Palm Springs.

December 20: Frances Bauer died today.

February 1, 1957: Colorado River trip with Henry Mann.

March 17: first trip to Cholla Bay with Harry Mann.

April 3: Death Valley with the Hoover’s.

April 12: Grace first trip to Cholla Bay.

May 7: bought our first Jeep, 4 cylinders, for $995.

July 4: Yungshyn & Winfield drive Jeep to Michigan.

August 10: Jeep trip around Lake Superior with George Mansell.

September 12: antelope hunt in Wyoming. Used the Jeep. Gillette went along for the trip.

October 23: Winfield drives alone to California in the Jeep.

November 16: hunted deer in Paradise, Minnisota & Newbridge, Pennsylvania.

December 3: left in Buick for Florida and California with Grace & Yungshyn.

December 22: left Yungshyn at Piney Woods.

February 8, 1958: Death Valley in Jeep

February 11: Tonopah-Goldfield-Purple Glass

February 11: Lake Mead-Grand Canyon boat trip with Harry Mann-bat & sloth caves

March 1: Jeep trip to Cibola-Crystal Hill

March 4: Bat cave from Hualapai Indian Reservation

March 10: Jeep trip to Borrego-Elephant Trees

March 12: Drove Impala to Michigan to get Navion

March 19: Bought 1949 Navion for $7000

April 12: Flew Navion to California with Yungshyn, Grace, & Poksyn

April 30: Navion trip to Davis with Grace, Yungshyn, & Poksyn

May 13: Navion to Carlsbad & Michigan with Grace, Yungshyn, & Poksyn

May 15: Navion gear collapsed landing in Tulsa

May 16: Bought 1951 Desoto and drove to Michigan via Herters-boat on trailer to Northport

June 16: Winfield took Bos to Tulsa & flew Navion to Michigan

June 20: spent 30th wedding anniversary at Northpoint

July 5: bought two lots from air-Lake City

July 12: Grace and Winfield took the Navion to Michigan.

July 15: Yungshyn departs for Korea

July 16: Mom and Pop 60th wedding anniversary 8/22/58

July 23: Dolly Marcuse buried today

July 26: Russ and Betty Rink came—Karl Betzer

September 12: Navion flew Duk & Grace to Boston & MIT

September 13: Navion to Martha’s Vineyard.  Grace took flight training.

September 19: Lena Blum died today. She was 90.

September 26: Dr. Claude Russell died today.

October 9: Navion to Boston (Logan) then to Northport.

October 11: Went hunting in Paradise with Pat.

October 16: Grace soloed at Northport in our Navion.

October 31: Navion to Fort Lauderdale & Grand Bahamas

November 6: first snorkel experience.

November 10: Navion Bahamas to Venice & New Orleans then on to Palm Springs

December 5: Grace did more solo work in Navion went to Thermal

December 10: Grace went cross-country to Lindberg Field, San Diego in the Navion.

December 11: Slept in Snowcreek.  Hike to Falls Creek with Grace and Hicks

December 16: Cavett did house remodeling.

December 17: Harold Hicks & I climbed San Jacinto today.

December 1958: Al Taylor died in Tahquitz Canyon in August

December 1958: D&C sold stores to H.L. Green, but deal called off fortunately.

January 24, 1959: Hiked to Keyes View with Mary P. and Harold Hicks.

January 27: Korean reception in Los Angeles for Yang Van Fleet.

January 29: Navion to Las Vegas with Mann’s. Saw floorshows.

January 30: Colorado River trip below the dam with Harry Mann.

February 4: Bought Army jeep from Hopkins for $500.

February 20: Grace’s took written pilots exam in Ontario

February 25: Navion to Santa Barbara with McCartney’s.

February 25, 1959: Zaddie on TV: “This Is Your Life”

March 6: Will Peakes’ 90th birthday party.

March 7: Wild jeep trip with Frankson—SNM.

March 14: Grace passed flight test in Navion—Fran Bera

March 20: Grace wrote pilots exam at Long Beach

March 24: In Navion did take offs & landings in moonlight.  Sidewinder.

March 29: Grace had 30 guests for dinner after Easter B. Hicks

April 3: Grace again took pilots written exam and passed

April 5: Navion to Michigan with Grace piloting

April 28: Flew DC-7 to LA and Palm Springs.

May 4: C.S. Line completed 104 typed pages of his autobiography.

May 16: Zaddie flew through the sound barrier. We got to George Air Force Base in Flying Boxcar with Col. Reisner.

May 18: Grace and Winfield sailed on Ms Hardanger for South America

May 19: Names of passengers & officer

May 27: docked in Buena Ventura, Colombia

May 29: docked in Manta, Ecuador Quayaquil

May 31: docked in Talara, Peru. Paica

June 4: docked in Calla-Lima, Peru

June 10: docked in Tocopilla, Chile

June 17: docked in Antofagasa, Chile

June 19: docked in Valphraiso, Chile

June 21: docked in San Vincente—Conception, Hualhi Pito, Chile

June 24: docked in Talcahuhno, Chile

June 30: docked in Straits of Magellan.

July 4: docked in Montevideo, Uruguay

July 7: docked in Buena Aires, Argentina

July 14: docked in Sao Paulo, Brazil—Santos

July 16: docked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 25: docked in San Juan Puerto Rico

July 31: docked in Kingston, Jamaica

August 2: docked in Camaguey—Havana, Cuba

September 15: Winfield flew from Michigan to Los Angeles to visit folks.
C.S. Line not well.

September 22: Winfield flew jet from Los Angeles to Michigan.

October 1: hunted pats paradise.

October 27: Winfield and Grace flew Navion from Michigan to Palm Springs.

November 13: Col. Rim visits us.

November 21: C.G. Taylor called on us. (Taylorcraft)

December 1: Bighorn sheep hunt with Harry Mann in Nevada.

December 10: visited folks—pop not well.

December 26: Grace flies to Michigan on a commercial jet on Business & to visit friends.

January 1, 1960: Winfield visited his parents.  Grace was in Michigan.

January 5: Grace bought Funtukis building for $19,500.

January 7: Winfield took Pop to lunch. He is much better.

January 13: Grace arrived in LA from Michigan on a commercial jet. She took folks to dinner.

January 14: Winfield weighs 142 pounds today. He lost 11 pounds since Grace had left for Michigan on December 26.

January 15: We called C.S. Line and wished him happy birthday.  He was 88 years old.

January 20: Cleaning purple glass.

January 22: Winfield flew Navion to Nogales.

January 25: Drove the jeep to Tonopah for purple glass. Spent 4 days there.
Stopped at Willard’s in Lone Pine and then visited Mom and Pop for an hour.

February 1960: Harold Hicks married Mary.

February 8: Took Peakes, who was 91, on a jeep trip.

February 12: Francis showed picture on Lincoln in Pasadena. Marvin Miller was the voice-over for the film.  Pop and Mom were not well and could not attend.

February 13: Grace wrote a nostalgic letter to Pop.

February 14: Called C.S. Line. He sounded better.  We made a date for February 18 to see them.

February 15: We took a trip to the desert.  We received word in Brawley that C.S. Line died this evening.

February 16-20: We went to Altadena for Pop’s funeral.  He kept up his diary until one hour before death.

February 24: Algae has taken over the pool.

March 29: Poksyn and Kay flew out from Michigan in a jet to LA.

March 31: Took Poksyn and Kay on a jeep trip to 17 Palms in Borrego.

April 6: Poksyn went to Disneyland.

April 11: Grace, Kay, & Poksyn went to Sequoia and Yosemite.

April 17: We went to Sunrise Service in Yucca with the Grimm’s, Poksyn, Kay, Grace and myself.

April 19: Mom cried because her sister Hitty just died.

April 21: Grace, Kay, and Poksyn went with me to Michigan in the Navion.

May 7: Cedar Lodge in Northport burned. The fire is under control.

May 16: Went to California by jet to visit Mom.

May 28: Left the yellow jeep at the Olsen’s to sell for $800.  I paid Hopkins $500 for it.

June 2: Don Klotsinberged, editor of the Desert Sun, running 3 Korean articles on us.

June 6: Grace is 58 today.

June 7: Spent the day with Mom.  It’s her 85th birthday.  Said good-by for the summer.

June 9: Drove our Imperial from Palm Springs to Howell via Grand Junction.

June 12: Went to visit Duk Wong who was working at Mesa Verde, Colorado.

June 20: Landed the Navion on Beaver Island the first time with Grace and Poksyn.

July 1: We went on a boat to Gull Island.  Saw a few eggs.  We saw 1000’s of baby gulls.

July 7: We flew the Navion in St Ignace and took a ferry over to Mackinac Island.

July 31: Took Poksyn to Crystal Lake Camp.

August 7: Moved Pontiac from St. Ignace to Newberry, Michigan.

August 18: watched satellite “Echo” cross the sky.  At 1000 miles it was a dot in the sky.

August 20: Brought Poksyn home from Crystal Lake Camp.

September 12: Winfield flew the Navion to Bois Blanc Is. to visit the Hoover’s.

September 20: Left Paradise in the Buick for Wyoming. Antelope.

October 1: Hunted deer on Lloyd Nunn’s ranch in Douglas on Route 6.

November 1: Flew in a jet from Detroit to California to work on Mom’s book.

November 8: I flew on a jet back to Detroit. Met by Grace and Kay at the airport.

November 11: paid Jack Syleen $100 on elk hunt at Double Bar J in Dubios

November 13: Left by car for California via Florida.

November 17: Went to Mitchell’s honeymoon cottage for 1 week on Sanibel Is., Florida

November 30: Went to Port St. Joe to collect more shells.

November 1960: John Hormel died.

December 5: Visited Van Sicklen at Cumacacotli, Arizona

December 7: Dorothy Camp died today at Peakes’

December 9: Visited Mom, Francis, & Helen in their new house in Capistrano Beach.

December 14: Changed Song-Line Corp.

December 21: Had pool painted for $328.

December 23: Wonsin Song came to visit, also saw Charlie & Bess Line.

December 25: Christmas dinner with Mom.

December 31: assets 712M.

January 1,1961: Had breakfast with C. G. Taylor, my wife and Mary came.

January 6: rough jeep trip with Hicks—JNM.

January 9:  met Henry (Clarence Stevens) at Mom’s for Francis’ 57th birthday.

February 2: Grace elected to board of Aero Club.

February 12: bought Paris and Oriental pictures.

February 14: Grand Canyon boat trip with Harry Mann.

February 22: Met Pat Smith and her husband Hal.

March 3: Spent one week in Baja on a jeep trip.

March 8: Stuck for 22 hours in the jeep.  Found 3-dozen Conch shells.

April 1: Poksyn came for a month.

April 3: Left for Baja with Poksyn for Baja.

April 7: Chibasco hit camp at “Shipwrecked Bay’. We collected 3-dozen conchs.

April 10: I bowled 249 in the first game with Poksyn, and then I bowled 195.

April 13: X-rays showed Grace had broken her middle finger.

April 23: Visited San Siemon and the Hearst Castle.

April 25: Will Peake is recovering for a light stroke.  He is 92.

April 30: We went to Michigan in the Imperial with Poksyn.
Stopped by the Grand Canyon on the way.

May 11: Took Harry Williams to a bank meeting.  He was 92.

May 21:  I worked on saving Herb Dancer with his problem.

May 22: We were off to the Bahamas in the Navion.

May 31: We cut the Bahamas stay short to fly back to aid Herb Dancer.

June 7: Mom’s 86th birthday.  We put an “Iron Fireman” furnace in the Northpoint basement.

June 14: Caught Duk Hong in Seattle aborting his trip to Korea.

June 16: Duk got a job in Glacier National Park.

June 17: Grace fell down the stairs at Northpoint.

June 19: Herb Dancer died today.

June 21: We went to Herb Dancer’s funeral.

June 28: We had dinner with Ole-Mary and Mrs. Ward.  Mrs. Ward celebrates her 92 birthday.

July 25:  We put in a new kitchen with a new range and floor covering.

August 4: Winfield cut off his fingertip off at the hangar.

August 11: Zaddie flew solo from Palm Springs to Michigan to visit us. She is 75.

September 11: Winfield passed his pilot physical.
He then started for Wyoming on an elk hunt.

September 25: Took venison to Palm Springs and then went to Altadena to visit Mom.

September 28: Cornelia White died today.  She was only 28.

September 29: Left for extended elk hunting trip in Wyoming with Mich.

October 2: Shot two antelope at Brewer Ranch.

October 4: Left for wilderness camp with Tittering ton’s and Lubereck.

October 22: Left Palm Springs in the Navion for Englewood and Nassau, Bahamas.

November 3: Left Grand Bahamas Club for Michigan.

November 15: Left for California by car.

December 5: Bill Donovan died today.

December 14: Grace elected to N.A.A. Board.

December 25: Spent Christmas with Mom at Capistrano Beach.

December 1961: Florence Dearing died.

December 27: Pres. Eisenhower painted in Paul Grimm’s Gallery

December 31: assets 741m

January 3, 1962: Pres. Eisenhower and Freeman Gosley visited Grimm Gallery for 1-1/2 hours.

January 21: Mom seriously ill. She had woman companion named Rivera Farrel

February 2: Grace arranged for a hundred million dollar loan for Pak.

February 4: Grace and Winfield took a trip up Coyote Canyon in the jeep.

February 11: Grace goes to Washington D.C. on Pak hundred million deal.

February 18: Visited Mom.  She is improving.  Met Grace at LA airport.

February 20: John Glenn shot into to space.  We was the first American.

March 6: Celebrated Will Peakes’ at Indio with Nichols.

March 16: We went to Cholla Bay in the jeep. We joined the Bauer’s there.

April 1: Grace and I went to Cholla Bay in the jeep.  We collected many conches—300 more to our collection.

April 9: attended Ahn reception in LA.

April 15: I flew to Michigan in a jet to work on #1 store deal.

May 5: Drove Imperial to Michigan. Heard Mom doing well.

May 24: vault combination in the insurance building is: L27-R4-to72 L3 to 13

May 27: Edison safe combination: R4to 50, L3to25, R2 to 50, L 10

May 29: stopped at the hospital to see Dr. Un.

May 29: Bob McP called us.  Derua died today.

June 4: Mom moved to Casa Romantica in San Clemente.

June 15: Left for Bahamas in the Navion with Poksyn.

June 20: Poksyn had first scuba dive with me. Went to 50 feet.

August 2: Grace and I flew in the Navion to Mackinac Island then biked around the island.

August 9: We flew the Navion to Bois Blanc Island and visited the Hoover’s.

August 10: Winfield was struggling in Howell to free the McP. building.

August 13: We were planning a trip to Korea and Taiwan and then around the world.

August 24: flew the Navion to Navion Fly-in Flying W. Ranch in New Jersey.

August 27: Ruth Pfau dying of cancer (died Sept. 1)

September 7: Around the world trip cost: $3300 plus #2000 TC.  Mom OK.

September 14: Jet to Palm Springs to begin our Around the World trip on September 17.

September 20: In Seoul until Oct 31. Then Taiwan till October 14.

October 15: Manila for 3 days, Hong Kong for 6 days, Bangkok, India for 5 days, Istanbul for 3 days.

October 31: Athens for 2 days, Cairo for 3 days.

November 5: From Cairo went to Athens, Rome, Paris, New York, Detroit, and Howell in one day.

November 11: picked up new 1963 Crown Imperial at Detroit.

November 12: Left for Palm Springs in Imperial. Visited McP. at the Hoover’s.

November 27: I painted the pool for the first time.

November 30: I took over the gardening.

December 4: Entertained Dr. McCartney (who celebrates his 90th birthday) and Ite Lucille

December 6: Will Peake was ill during the night. Grace was over there 2 hours. Will is 93.

December 8: We hooked up to the new cable TV service.  Reception is much better.

December 19: Will Peake is in bad shape.

December 23: Trouble in Zaddie’s Navion. She said she is 75.

December 24: Grace had Christmas party for dozen lonely people.

December 25: Took Mom out for Christmas dinner.

December 26: Mom sick in bed.  We will go over to see her.

December 31: Wonsin had been with us for ½ month.

December 31: assets 713m

January 1, 1963: Wonsin with us. Mom not well.

January 6: Wonsin left for Chicago.  William Price published two books today.
He is 75.

January 24:  Winfield flew and soloed a sailplane today.  It was his first time.

February 12: Winfield swam 23 miles in 23 consecutive days in the pool.

February 17: Winfield got his private glider license today.

February 18: Will Peake very ill.

February 19: Alice Donovan visits us for the week.

February 19: I resigned from the Museum Board.

February 20: Saw Venus in midday—every day.

March 6: Will Peake 94th birthday. He was strong today, but I wrote his obituary.

March 7: We took a trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico in the Imperial.

March 15: Visited Mitch Hamilburg, a friend of Lady Bumgarner.

April 3: Made date to start parachute jumping.

April 6: Met Poksyn & Bob McP. at LA.

April 10: Poksyn & I hiked up Abe Lincoln to 4600 feet.

April 11: I gave Poksyn her first glider ride.  She was the only person I took up.

April 14: took Bob, Poksyn, Tillie, and Paul to sunrise services at UCLA.

April 15: Saw Bob off to San Francisco with McP.

April 15: Drove to Las Vegas for boat trip with the Mann’s.  Saw big horns, etc.

April 17: Stopped in Death Valley at Scotty’s Castle with Poksyn.

April 21: Took Bob McP & Poksyn to the LA airport for a plane trip to Michigan.

May 5: Left for Page and the North rim of the Grand Canyon.

May 12: Saw Will Peake for the last time. He was in a good humor.

May 15: Pool pumped dry.  I peeled off the old paint.

May 15: Mom not well. We took her back to Hemet Hospital.

May 16: Arranged for Mom to go back to a new rest home after her hospital stay. Paul Grimm mad at Poksyn because she didn’t eulogize him.

May 22: Left for Michigan in the Imperial.

May 22: Will Peake died today.  Later, we learned it from Mom.

May 24: Navion being majored at Hughes.  Dick M. says it will be two weeks.

May 26: Our car robbed at Holiday Inn in Shreveport, La. Lost $5000.

May 29: Hunted shells in Port St. Joe, Fla.

June 7: Called Mom from Northpoint to wish her good 88th birthday.

June 26: Put Pontiac on Beaver Is. Flew Navion.

July 2: Wonsin pulled me 4 miles on first ski ride of the year.

August 8: Mrs. Ward 94-1/2 flew in Navion to Beaver Is.

August 9: I flew to a bank meeting in Howell.
Learned Mrs. Beattie and Frank Anderson died.  Also Gus Schmidt.

August 14: Left in Navion for Linesville & Flying W Ranch.  Poksyn in charge.

August 16: Passed instrument flying exam at Flying W Ranch, NJ.

August 17: Flew Navion across the US.  Grace was ill.

August 19: Mom not well.  Still in Meadow Brook Rest Home.

August 24: Flew Navion to Catalina Island.

August 25: Flew Navion to Northport. Mom doing better.

October 5: Went hunting almost daily on Beaver Island.

November 22: Pres. Kennedy assassinated.

November 22: Drove to Hemet to visit Mom.  Not too well.

December 1: We go to see Mom nearly every day.  Took wawde.

December 3: Mom smiled sweetly when we left.

December 5: Francis with Mom.  He has trailer house.

December 6: Mom died today.

December 13: Youngshyn Song elected on Song Line Board.

December 20: Visited Dr. McCartney in Santa Barbara.  He is 91 years old.

December 23: Rented Brighton Building to Hibbs-$125 a month.

December 25: Met Wonsin at LA airport.

December 26: Took Wanda on Box Canyon hike.  She fell.

December 27: Dr McCartney died today.  I was a pallbearer at his funeral on December 30.

December 31: Assets 738m.

January 1, 1964: Wonsin visiting us since Christmas.

February 1964: Grace working with Harold Hicks on heart.

February 1964: Alice Donovan in Palm Springs for a month.

February 1964: Grace wants to help Edna O’Reilly.  She has Parkinson’s disease.

March 21: Herb Sampson brought his daughter to Grace for help.

March 22: Almost snowed in with Wanda at Idyllwild.

March 25: Grace spoke at SPA.

April 1: Winfield bitten by black widow.

April 1: Rented building to E.R. Hibbs for $125 a month.

April 18: Shook hands with Nelson Rockefeller.

April 19: Nooney’s came for a week.  They stayed at Ind. Manor.

April 28: Youngshyn arrived from Korea.

May 6: Youngshyn and Dosyn went to Michigan by air.

May 6: Grace and Winfield left Michigan

May 25: Youngshyn got a driver’s license at Leland.

May 27: Flew to Beaver Island where we keep the old Pontiac.

June 1: Started scrapping & painting the cottage.

June 13: Dr. Haynes helped by Grace.

June 16: Talked with Van W. about $100,000 loan, also Grace as director.

June 23: Bought 64 jeep-it cost Winfield above $4340.

June-July 1964: Milford Jahke & Cooney died at Paradise.

July 22: Flew with Mrs. Ward to visit Hoover’s on N.B. isle.  Mrs. Ward was 95-1/2.

July 28: Took Mary & Ole on wild flight to Beaver Is.

August 3: took Jeff on a fishing trip to White River, Canada with Poksyn.

August 15: Flew Hoover’s to Beaver Island.

September 1: Grace flew to New York to join Youngshyn & Younghill Kang

September 11: We both passed the pilot physical.  We were off to Lusk, Wyoming for antelope in the jeep.

September 24: Red Desert and Turritella with Moyer’s.

October 16: Younghill Kang visited us.

November 1: Flew plane to Mackinac Is. Among the first to land there.

November 5: Ada Wilson died today.

November 26: Grace & Winfield off in the Imperial for California.  Grace not well.

November 30: Grace very sick in Odessa, Texas.  We stayed 9 days there.

December 16: Left for Hawaii-Maui for 6 weeks. Grace ill.

December 17: Helen Munsell died today.

December 1964: assets 758m.

December 16, 1964 to January 22, 1965: In Maui for Grace’s health.

January 4, 1965: Met Anita Ross. Mrs. Moses Kalani Ross, Kuhua Village.

January 7: Anita prayed for Grace.

January 18: Returned to Honolulu-

January 22: Returned to Palm Springs.

February 18: Winfield swimming up to a mile a day.

March 14: Wanda and we drove to John Hilton’s & met Jimmy Cagney.

March 30: Dosyn arrived from Michigan en-route to Korea.

April 1: Duk Nong just received doctor’s degree from Harvard.  Dosyn cried.

April 5: Dosyn off for Japan & Korea. Winfield weighed 139-1/2 pounds.

May 11: Winfield swims with bar bells for weight control. Weighed 140 pounds.

May 12: “Lady” Bumgarner visits us.

May 15: Willard Hall of Northport died.

June 8: Poksyn received special writing award.

June 11: Off for the Bahamas in Navion with Poksyn.

June 13: Nassau

June 15-16: Small Hope Bay, Bahamas. Went to wall 3000 feet out.  Dove to 90 feet.

June 15: Both Poksyn and I dove to 90 feet today.

June 18: Went to Georgetown Hotel, Exuma. Met Dave McElroy.

June 19: Dave & Poksyn got to know each other.  They rented a motorcycle.

June 22: Went to Nassau. Visited with Lloyd’s at Spanish Wells to June 25.

June 25-27: Returned to Nassau and on to Grand Bahamas from June 27 through July 1.
Returned home on July 2 in the Navion.

July 1965: flying around 100 hours a summer.

July 19: Paul Gay died.

July 30: Flew the Navion to Boston to see Duk Nong.

August 1965: Flew Ennis (Kilts) to Beaver Island.

August 28: Korean orphan concert at T.C.

August 30: Gates Cadillac. $100 September 4.

September 22: Wyoming Antelope hunt. 1 antelope. Returned home October 2.

October 2: Had word today that Grace’s Mother and Sister are living.

October 10: Word from 3 schools in Korea on Song Line Scholars.

October 28: Mailed Hawaiian Anita Ross some shells & stones.

November 9: Sent 200 Grace’s “Mother” letters.

November 12: We flew to LA on VAL. Then rented a Hertz car to Palm Springs.

November 14: Clint Bauer had a stroke.  Recovers slowly.

November 22: Heavy rains took out half of Tahquitz Bridge.

December 7: Received picture of Grace’s mother and sister.

December 11: Met Celebrities at Racquet Club- Dinah Shore and Charlie Farrell.

December 16: Poksyn arrives from Michigan.

December 26: Mrs. Phipps passed away.

December 31: Assets 914m.

January 1-2, 1966: Dave and Poksyn hike Tram Mountain.

January 5: Poksyn left for Michigan.  She was here since December 18.

January 14: Steve Willard buried at Colton.

January 25: Youngshyn came via air & bus from Michigan. Returned February 19.

February 26: Mrs. Marsella Dupont drove with her chauffeur from LA to see us.

February 28: Met new museum director, Dr. Fred Sleight and Alice.

March 2: Tom Holland died.

March 3: Vern Wallace of Linesville died.

March 5: Kyongea married an Arab today- Kaha Fani.

March 13: Soon Young came from Michigan to help Grace’s health.

March 14: Chatted with J.C. Penney.  He was 91 years old.

March 25: Hoover’s come to help Grace.

April 3: Grace cut my hair. I never went to a barber again.

April 5: Zaddie Bunker came for a health check-up.

May 2: We went to Las Vegas and Lake Powell.  Saw Rainbow Bridge and San Juan.

May 16: Grace received a letter from her Mother who was 90.

May 20: Sold ’58 Jeep for $962.

May 23: Drained the pool with a 120-foot hose.

June 1: We fly American Airlines to Michigan.

June 10: Wonsin-Hiyoung married A.A. I gave away the bride.

June 14: Grace bought Volkswagen fastback for $2500.

June 17: Soon Young left for Korea today.

June 20: Grace and I took off for the Bahamas in the Navion by way of Okefenokee Swamp, Freeport, and S.E. Bahamas.

July 7: Russ Rink flew from San Francisco to Hawaii in 20-year old Bonanza

July 22: We are guests of honor at Linesville Centennial.

July 27: Pearl McManus died in Palm Springs.  He was 87.

August 18: Grace receives letter & more pictures of her mother.

September 5: Hi-youn had miscarriage.  Grace flew to help.

October 3: I took Agawa Canyon train trip in Ontario.  Grace now in Howell.

October 5: Left oil cap off of the Navion—caused a mess.

October 1965: Gathered many red mushroom art pieces: Lickens.

October 18: Dave McElroygave us two huge glass floats.

October 19: Youngshyn leaves for Korea, Hong Kong, and PE.

October 22: Fifty lake steamers anchored in White Fish Bay.

October 26: Gathered shaggy mane mushrooms & threw away.

October 27-28: Met Mrs. Jenks at Paradise.  Hunted ducks.

November 11: I drove Jeep alone to Denver.

November 11: Grace and Poksyn flew to Boston, and then Grace flew to Denver.

November 14-25: Grace and Winfield toured Canyonland in the Jeep. Drove to Palm Springs.

December 3-6: Heavy storm damage inn the valley.

December 16: Took Jeep trip to Baja & Punta Final.

December 22: We saw Jamin’s Mother killed by her own car.

December 31: Assets 923m

January 1-2, 1967: Off in the Jeep for a 23-day trip to Mexico.

February 6: Attended Ernie Alshuler’s 80th birthday party.

February 12: Our Ewing building in Gr. Lge. Burned to the ground.

February 27: Youngshyn arrived from Seoul to Michigan.

March 27: We added 550 square feet to our home.  Williams Arch. Colglaqier

April 10: Controller.

April 22: Raymond Lowey wishes to go snake hunting.

April 26: Met Walter Judd and Lily Pons at Stheres Party.

April 28: 5 Korean Colonels visit us—Col. Lim.

May 10: Poksyn drove from Michigan.

May 17: Grace lunched with Mrs. Mecedes Gianni.

May 29: I painted the house.

June 4: Grace off for Michigan by air.  Winfield left in the Jeep to Michigan.

June 13: Grace and Winfield flew to LA and Palm Springs to check on the remodel.

June 26: Poksyn flew from Boston to San Francisco.

June 30: We drove to Palo Alto to see Poksyn.

July 11: Off by American Airlines for Michigan.  Zaddie closed our house.

July 14: Squirrel-chipmunks did damage in Northpoint.

July 19: Gordon Knute died in accident?

July 21: Buried 5 bushels of alewives—Northpoint.

July 30: Toyon Kim died in Korea.

August 10: At the bank meeting I advocated heavy new investment in building.

October 19: Grace and I went to Europe to help with Youngshyn with Rolls Royce.

October 23: Lausanne

October 24: Amsterdam

October 26: London, Dublin, and Withey’s—Polsyn again.

November 9: Left London today in time for bank meeting in Howell.

November 14: Winfield and Grace drive from Michigan to Palm Springs arrive November 24.

December 3: Visited parents of Robert Pierpoint in Redlands.

December 31: Finish carpeting our Palm Springs house.

December 31: Assets 1047m.

January 13, 1968: Paul Russell of LA died.

January 14: Grace and Winfield leave for Merida, Islamujeres, and Cozumel.

January 22: Today Cozumel, Merida, Miami, and Caracas.

January 23-February 2: Curacao, Aruba, and Bonaire.

February 3: Panama, San Blas Islands, and Kuna Indians.

February 16: Drove Poksyn to Berkeley.

March 8: Reception with Arthur Rubenstein, Red Skelton, Lily Pons, and Janet Gaynor

March 24: Kyungshyn, Duk, Boomie & children came from San Francisco.

March 22, 1968: Martin Luther King murdered.

April 4: Visited Bea Willard and went through Death Valley and home.

April 11: Accident on the way home from La Quinta.  Grace hurt but OK.

May 9: Mitch Hamilberg died today.

May 22: Rose McKinney pioneer of Palm Springs died.

May 30: Buying art work for Grace instead of Hospital.

June 6: Robert Kennedy killed.

June 7: H. Hicks came for health, also Dr. Short.

June 18: Grace having trouble with her neck.

June 20: Entertaining pidgon & other birds in the bedroom

July 11: Grace and Winfield leave for Michigan by car. Late. Grace’s neck still hurts.

August 11: Flew to Champaign, were met by Poksyn, Duk, and family.

August 18: Again flew to Champaign with Poksyn.

August 30: Flew to Niagara Falls to visit Wurlitzer.

September 15: Ate our first coprinus comatus (shaggy mane) and lived!

September 19: We flew jets to Bahamas till September 29.

October 1: Our new 69 Imperial arrived T.C.

October 10: Winfield resigned from First National Board after 35 years.

October 13: We left separately for Champaign and Palm Springs.

October 27: Grace became dizzy and ill.  We canceled our South Seas trip.

November 7: Learned that Virginia Farrell & Bill Hager died.

December 5: Have pushed stock market all year.  Winfield made $50,000 profit.

December 31: Passed the million mark of the first time.

December 31: Harry Mann died during the night.

December 31: Assets 1092m

January 1. 1969: Harry Mann died today in Las Vegas.

January 3: Flew to Las Vegas for Harry Mann funeral.

January 7: Bessie Line died in Florida.

January 18: Attended Funeral of Jack Hillary—c.c.

January 23: Duk stopped in Palm Springs en-route to Korea to see Dosyn.

January 31: word that Dosyn died today.

February 6: Youngshyn arrived by jet from Michigan.  Charlie Line died at age 79.

March 1: Winfield injured my knee in Tahquitz Creek.

March 7: Youngshyn returns to Michigan after a month visit.

March 26: Youngshyn received permanent residence.

April 3: Thousands of hippies invade Palm Springs.

May 29: Off for Michigan in Imperial via Paradise and Northpoint.

June 2: We went to the Bahamas by jet. Scuba and snorkeling until June 25.

July 5: Learned that Fritzie Van Sicklen died.

July 20: First man lands on the moon.

August 21: Zaddie Bunker died today.  She was 82.
September 18: We gave Korean picture at Sutton’s Bay.

October 12: Wonsin elected to AIUM (American Institute Medicine at Victoria Sound)

October 17: Grace and Winfield took off for California in the Imperial.

October 22: Caught 11 Tarantulas between Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

October 23: Mrs. Orin Ward died at 100-3/4 years old.

November 4: I started aerobatic training in Citabria with Terry Thornton.

November 13: Winfield visited Jimmie Swinnerton, a 94-year-old artist.

December 2: Grace flies to Michigan on business.  I meet Art at aerobatic school.

December 5: I drive Jeep through mountain snow to see aerobatic show.

December 16: Gave the museum Korean program.

December 18: Working on Grace abstract of thesis.

December 20: Flying solo aerobatics.

December 31: Assets 1168m.

January 10, 1970: Imperial burned up.  Bought a Thunderbird.

February 1: Song Line found.  Invited 2 Kim’s to visit the United States.

February 4: Winfield still flying aerobatics.

March 3: Jeep trip to Phoenix and on to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

March 6-7: El Golfo with Slim Moorten

March 22: Jeep trip to Cholla Bay and Sonora.

April 3: Grace joined ICAN

April 5: Jeep trip to Cholla Bay, Mexico.

April 20: To Cholla Bay in the Jeep.

May 3: Took off again to Cholla Bay.

May 6: Youngshyn arrives from Michigan by air.

May 26: D.K. Sun Kim arrives from Korea. Guest of Song Line.

May 27: Visited Goldie Holt, my Kindergarten teacher 60 years ago.

June 2: Met Won Hee & Won Chong at LA airport.

June 5: Youngshyn and two children and OK Sun Kim off for Michigan in the Jeep via National Parks.

June 7: Grace and Winfield off for Florida in the T-Bird.

June16: Sailed from West Palm Beach to Bahamas.

June 29: Dined with Lady Eleanor & Frank Wright in West Palm Beach.

August 4: Houseboat trip with Phil and Dorothy Boyd.

August 1970: Bought underwater camera for $150 on sale, regularly $200.

August 17: Dan Fleese killed in boat explosion.

September 1: Grace and Winfield fly the Navion to Niagara Falls to visit Farny Wurlitzer.

September 22: Grace passed Pilot’s Physical today.

September 26: Elisa Song born today.

September 30: Put CB radios in the new Jeep and T-bird for Palm Springs trip.

October 7: Willis Lyons died today at age 93.

October 30: Jeep trip to Nevada and Utah via the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

November 6: Che Sun Kim arrives from Korea.

November 10: Ole Fredrickson died in Northpoint.  Youngshyn attended the funeral.

November 13: C. S. Kim told us Soong Evi received $20,000. DeRing/ McGinness Scholarship from his high school.

November 20: Grace and Winfield off in the Jeep for Sedona.
November 27: Gave Korean program for Miss Dillingham at Kingsley Manor.

December 1: Annabel Van Winkle died.

December 4: Ruth Withey injured in her Rolls Royce.

December 17: Onas Ward died.

December 23: Grace and Winfield flying in a jet to Michigan.

December 28: Invited to Governor Milliken party at Leland.

December 29: Had first snowmobile ride.  Went 18 miles.

December 31: Assets 1203m.

January 1, 1971: Came to Michigan 12/23/70. Visited Howell, Northpoint, and Paradise.

January 4: Returned to Palm Springs via jet.

February 1: Hiyoung having trouble because of Shin Duk.

February 9: Earthquake killed 30 in LA.

February 12: Left for Monument Valley trip in the car.

February 23: Jeep trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

March 19: Grace badly injured in Safeway parking lot.

March 29: Grace’s eye bad from fall.

April 3: Grace recording ICAN talk “Are There Curable Diseases?”

April 17: Dr. Fred Klenner tells us of Vitamin C powder.

April 18: Grace addressed ICAN convention & distributes copies of her talk.

April 25: Grace flies to Michigan in a jet.

May 2: Steve Ragsdale died.  He was 89.

May 9: Archie Fournier died today.

May 13: Drove the T-bird & Jeep to Michigan.  We used the CB radio.

June 13: Helped Lewis and Ruth Nooney celebrate their 45th anniversary.

June 1971: Primativa Dimandntiaspirin died.

June 15: Grace and Winfield left for the Bahamas by jet.

June 19: Grace addressed Chiropractor convention at Grand Bahamas.

June 20: Our 43rd wedding anniversary at the Grand Bahamas. Grace 107 pounds. Winfield 146 pounds.

July 18: Saved Poksyn from Sheriff

July 22: Met Harold F. Kohn, author & artist.

August 7: Winfield and Grace flew the Navion to Chicago.

September 2: Saw 50 hawks (migration?).

September 8: Grace appeared on Kenn Haven’s TV show “Limelight”.

September 15: Grace spoke over Peto Skep radio—Rosalie Ottinger.

September 17: Grace appears on TV “Accent” Cadiliac

September 18: Grace speaks T.C.H.S. auditorium on health.

September 24: Winfield passes the pilot physical.

October 9: Raymond Munsell died in Columbus, Ohio hospital.

October 10: Grace drives T-bird and Winfield drives the Jeep from Michigan to Red Desert then to Palm Springs.

November 17: In Laguna Beach a man named Pancho gave us map of Bahia Santa Maria.

November 21: Don Van Winkle died.

November 29: Pipe broke in bathroom floor in Palm Springs home.

November 30: Left for Bahia Santa Maria in the Jeep.

December 1: Met Ron & Nona Younger in Baja.

December 3: Leased 2 lots from Anice to Maduena.
December 13: Jeep again to Baja, Cabana—360 completed.

December 17: Hogan started at Bahia Santa Maria for $2000.

December 19: Many Olivas, in crasate and sand dollars were found when we went night hunting on the beach.

December 28: Left for Baja with a Jeep load of windows etc.

December 31: Beautiful beech ride.

December 31: assets 1216m.

January 1, 1972: New Years in Baja with Youngshyn.

January 1: Aniceto Maduena working on our hogan.

January 10: Ellen Dearborn dies in Palm Springs.

January 11: Grace suggested olive oil for Mel Capper kidney stones.

January 12: Carl Lykens died.  He was 87. He was the oldest pioneer in Palm Springs.

January 15: Left for Baja in the Jeep.

January 23: Left for Baja in Jeep and onto Gonzaga Bay with Younkers.

February 10: Grace helping Dr. Duncan.  Philadelphia talks planned for June 6.

February 14: Rocky Point-Cholla Bay trip with Younkers.

February 27: Left for Baja in the Jeep.

March 1: 1800 olives plus 2 yellow—Santa Maria.

March 4: Became acquainted with Flora Steffens, our neighbor.

March 7: Visited Farny Wurlitzer in La Jolla.

March 13: Off in the Jeep for Baja.

March 21: Caught first rattler of the season in Palm Springs.

March 27: Went to Baja in the Jeep with a load of beds etc. Winfield painted the floor.

March 28: Younkers son Fred found 2 white olives.

March 31: Grace works with Jim Hicks—Gross—Gurlie health.

April 5: Milner of the IRS audits Song Line.

April 8: Flew to San Francisco for ICAN convention.

April 10: Left for Baja in the Jeep and spent our first night in the hogan.

April 23: Left for 8 days in Baja in the Jeep.

April 30: Prevention Magazine reprinted Grace’s article for the ICAN convention.

May 2: Called Rodale Press to not give Grace’s address out.  1000 letters for health held.

Easter: Farny Wurlitzer died in Buffalo.

May 8: Left for Baja in the Jeep. 9 days. Met Haghmann and Dr. Morris.

May 23: Grace flew to Howell by jet.

May 24: Learned that Ned Mellis died.

June 2: 50th Howell High School reunion class of 22. Dean Walter guest at dinner with Youngshyn and Francis Line.

June 5: Flew to Philadelphia.  Canceled trip to Washington DC and Bahamas.

June 6: Grace celebrated her 70th birthday.  She talked all day to 125 doctors. Meeting with Dr. Fordham.

June 7: Helicopter to the airport.  Jet to Palm Springs.

June 8: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Took glass doors. Stayed 12 days.

June 23: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Slept out under the stars.

June 27: Grace finds our first white olive.

July 6: Left for Michigan in the T-bird.

Virgil McClintic died late June.

July 27: Wonsin called that Hi Yun’s mother died.

September 9: Ruth Nooney killed.   Lewis in Wawa, Ontario, Canada unconscious.

September 14: Ruth Nooney funeral today. We flew to Plainwell. Lewis in Wawa.

September 22: Grace passed her pilot physical.

September 23: Spencer Gates came over.  This is the last we saw him.

September 26: Grace gave Winfield a Suzuki motorcycle for his 70th birthday.

October 16: Won brought friend, Gladah Ellis, to see us.

October 18: walked through the snow to swim in Northpoint.

October 20: Off for California in our 1973 T-bird.

October 22: Spencer Gates died suddenly

October 24: Called on Marie Davis & Edith J.  Saw Aunt Mabel Mecienberg.

October 25: Wrecked the T-bird by a truck tire at 75 mph.  We were both unhurt.

October 26: Traded in wrecked ’73 T-bird for a ’73 Buick Limited.

November 2: We went to Baja in the Jeep. We  cleaned the hogan.  A bad storm was brewing.

November 8: Wanda is very thin.  She weighed 68 pounds.  Bertine Steere is 93.

November 11: Winfield swimming in 50-degree water at the house in Palm Springs.

November 22: Lois Hanslousy died.

November 28: Loaned 1973 Buick to Yonkers for 1200 mile trip to his brother’s funeral.

December 12: Swam in 25-degree air and 37-degree water.

December 15: Will join Palmyra Club.

December 17: Grace’s mother died in North Korea.  She was 94.

December 18: Mary Fredrickson died today.

December 26-27: Grace helping H. Hicks both physically and mentally.

December 28: Grace and Winfield made complete trip over Skyline Trail (12 miles).

December 31: Assets 1246m.

January 3, 1973: Off for Baja in the Jeep.

January 4: Ramon, who built hogan, drowned.

January 9: Joined the Palmyra Club.

February 1: Saw Aunt Mabel for last time.  She died February 10.

February 2: Tried to get Stanley Ragsdale to set Petroglyph date.

February 6: Attended Ernie Alshuler’s 86th birthday.

February 17: Song family arrived from Chicago till March 1.

February 26: Bought a Suzuki motorcycle for $420.

March 3: Went to Baja in the Jeep and brought the motorcycle. Grunion running there.

March 15: Lewis Nooney visited us until the 22nd.

March 17: Took Lewis to Baja in the Jeep.  We had an exciting tide episode.

April 6: Attended the ICAN convention in Pasadena.

April 11: Jeep trip to Baja.

April 29: Jeep trip to Baja with Owens.  White olive-Winfield.

May 7: Hoover appreciates Grace’s help.

May 12: Went to Baja with Ned Cantillon and James Haynie.

May 23: Wanda sold the house and moved to La Jolla.

May 26: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Herons in the canyon.

June 9: Winfield and Grace go to Michigan in a jet.

June 19: Gladys Hanson killed.

June 24: Met Manager Hale at Newberry Airport. Left car.

August 16: Youngshyn has operation in Chicago.

August 29: Grace flew by jet to Chicago to help Youngshyn.

August 30: Navion 107 hours since June. 100 hours check at Lake City.

September 5: Winfield passes pilots physical.

September 19: Winfield passed the Michigan motorcycle test on a barrowed machine.

September 25: Class of ’22 reunion in Howell.

September 1973: Ernie Alschuler died. He was 86.

October 12: We flew jet to Kansas City to attend preview Medical Conference.

October 16: We heard that Clint Bauer died.

October 19: 45th Class of ’28 reunion at University of Michigan.

October 23: We flew jet to Palm Springs.

October 26: Went to Baja in the Jeep.

October 29: Found that Mel Capper committed suicide in August.

November 8: Went to Baja in the Jeep.

November 21: Went to Baja in the Jeep.

December 7: Took Dave McElroy to Baja in the Jeep.

December 21: Went to Baja for a Christmas party. 10

December 31: Assets 1325m.

January 4, 1974: Snowed an inch in our yard at Palm Springs.

January 6: Shindon flew to Korea.

January 9: Overnight with Phlip Ahn & Heung Sk Pak. Los Angeles.

January 9: Mary Line died at 91. Pak gives us King’s Crown.

January 15: Went to Baja in the Jeep.

January 25: Grace flies to Michigan for manager meeting and work with D&C.

January 1974: I painted the house on the outside.

February 3: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Coyotes friendly as we slept out.

February 10: Winfield’s back “went out” due to many causes.

February 25: Sorted thousands of olives—back still bad.

March 1: Soon Young stopped enroute to Korea.

March 6: To Baja by Jeep. Grace drove. Winfield in the back seat.

March 15: Back still bad.

March 20: To Baja by Jeep. Winfield lying in the backseat.

March 27: Youngshyn stops enroute to Korea.

April 5: Party at Annenberg Estate. Nixon and Prince Charles were here recently.

April 16: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Winfield back much better.

April 20: Saw 5 satellites during the night under the stars in Baja.

April 26: ICAN convention in LA.

April 27: Called on Meta Hormel—age 92.  Dillingham—96.

May 1: Went to Baja in the Jeep.

May 4: Coyote accidentally jumped on me in the night.

May 6: Coyotes tap Grace’s foot.

May 16: Went to Baja. Grace drove. Winfield’s back bad again.  Bird life fine.

May 21: 15 blue herons nesting in ironwoods—Baja.

May 28: Visited Wanda for the last time in La Jolla.

June 12: Duk Nong arrives enroute to Korea.

June 16: Went to Baja in the Jeep. Beetles

June 24: Cancelled out on ICAN New Zealand trip.

June 26: Went to Michigan via jet.  Flora took us to the airport.

July 2: Winfield’s back nearly well.

July 4: Dined with Claude Watson, 90, and Wy Song.

July 9: Flew the Navion to Mt. Hawley, Ill for gear work.

August 3: Wanda is 88 pounds. Grace hit the low of 97 pounds.

August 5: Nettie Peau died.

August 9: President Nixon resigned.

August 13: Flew over Beavers to Newberry—car trip to Paradise.

August 14: Flew Hoovers on Bois Blanc—then Macinal in the Navion.  Carburetor ruptured.  Paid $60 for flight to Northpoint.

August 21: Class of ’22 53rd reunion in Howell.

August 26: Chas. A. Lindberg died in Maui.  He was 72.

August 29: Picked up Navion on Marinac Island at dark.  Two weeks on the island.

September 18: George Sobel Miller over night.  George made 5 million on lease.

September 21: Many of our Navion flights in dangerous weather.

October 4: Larry Dorothy Lowing of Linesville visited us.

October 14: D&C wants to sell out to Paul Stearnes.

October 15: Grace successfully passed pilots physical.

October 16: Winfield and Grace fly a jet to Palm Springs.

October 18: Hachtmann’s told us an 18’ tide took out our patio in Baja.

November 15: Meta Hormel, who is 92, visits us.

November 27: We went to Baja, and paid a Mexican to repair the wall etc. We had the Todd’s and Abraham’s over for Thanksgiving dinner.

December 10: Grace off for Michigan on store business.  She returned on December 23.

December 30: Paul Grimm, artist, died at 84.

December 31: Assets 1341m.

January 1, 1975: Winfield weighed 147 pounds and Grace weighed 101.5 pounds.

January 2: Duke Yoon visiting us.

January 4: Paul Grimm’s funeral.

January 6: D&C sale to Paul Stearn fell through.

January 11: Will F. C. Nimke died.

January 20: Painted Canyon trip with Hoovers.

January 28: Wanda Peake taken to the hospital in serious condition.

February 10: Wanda Peake died today.

February 23: Went to Baja.

March 8: Sat near Bob and Delores Hope at a Concert.

March 15: Wonsin Song family came for a visit.

March 29: Poksyn joined Song’s at our home.

April 5: Poksyn left—we went to Baja.

April 10: Jan Olman injured—never regained consciousness.  Died 7 years later.

April 18: ICAN convention in LA.

April 22: Went to Baja.

April 27: Grace found a live seahorse in Baja.

May 9: Went to Baja.

May 13: C.S. Line opened our store in Howell 65 years ago on Friday the 13.

May 29: Left by jet for Michigan.

June 21: Wonsun and Yune married today.

July 4: Wonsun & family came to Northpoint.

July 11: Youngshyn delivered our new Granada.

July 24: Linesville, New London trip with Youngshyn.

September 3: Planned to fly Navion to California after Russian trip.

September 16: Left for New York, Dublin, London, Moscow, Lucerne with  ICAN.

September 26: Winfield’s 73rd birthday in Yalta.

September 25: Grace suffered whole Russian trip from Herpis Zonta.

October 16: Went over new Northpoint bedroom plans with Korson.

October 22: Flew jet to California.

November 8: Sat near Bob and Delores Hope at museum concert.

November 9: Edna O’Rielly died. Col. Sim already gone.

December 3: Meth Hormel died today. She was 93.

December 7: Soon Young and I slept under the stars.

December 22: Youngshyn Song came from Michigan for a visit.

December 31: Youngshyn leaves for Michigan.

December 31: Assets $1416m.

January-February 1976: did $16,000 remodeling Northport.

February 26: YS on way to Korea.

1976-Completed extensive estate plan workers comp annuity

1976- saw a comet for many nights in spring.

1976-One or both slept outdoors many months at Palm Springs or Baja.

April 19: sold my motorcycle to Roy Younger.

1976 Spring- William installed 500 feet of plastic pipe for yard water.

September 16: Grace & Winfield ICAN people to people-Russian trip route
Ireland, London, Moscow, Yalta, and Lucerne.  SL bad case herpies 2cnta due to fear spoiled trip.

1976-sold 1 lot PP $9,500 paid $750 Sold Lake City lots for $4,500 paid $100.

August 4: YS got US citizenship today.

September 8-10: Earl & Miriam Hoover spent 2 days with us in Northport.

September 28: Grace passed pilot physical good till September 1978.

October 1976- Winfield passed biennial flight test in Skyhawk.

October 1976-Robert Miller died as well as Shirley Goodman.

1976-Gus Knesovich & Charley Walters died

November 10: Parsyny badly injured in Madison

November-December 1976: did $2850 remodeling job on Palm Springs house.

November 26: bought electric twin bed for Winfield for $620.

1976-77-wildflowers bloomed from October till May.

March 1977: took 2 trips to Death Valley &1 to Baja.

March 11: Grace D. Killingham died at 99 years