Winfield H. Line Diary:continued

March 18: Went to Baja.  Ordered another $1000 rock wall.

March 29: Another Death Valley trip. 776miles.

March 30: Bea Willard died. We went to the funeral on April 4.

April 5: Caught first rattler in years.

April 6: Poksyn came from Michigan for a 3-day rest.

April 9: New offer on sale of P.P. lots

April 12: Drove the Buick to Grand Canyon, Page, Kanab, Zion, and Las Vegas.

April 25: Museum jet tour of the southwest: Zion & Grand Canyon.

April 30: Went to Baja.

May 24: Jet to Michigan for the summer.

May 26: 55th Howell High School reunion.

June 3: South Bend—Aurora trip.  1000 miles.  Did not see Meta Walters.

June 9: Grace had cystitis—took heavy vitamin C.

June 18: Attended Steve Blessman wedding.

June 22: Duk Nong visits enroute to Germany and Korea.

June 22: Enjoying coons, loons, deer, swans, and ducks.

June 27: Working on diaries and slides.

July 4: Have been unable to get Navion re-licensed.  Still trying.

July 6: Plan for 50th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas with visits to Florida friends.

July 21: Plans for Grace to tape story of her life.

July 1977: Adrienne Knute (Line) & children climbed Mt. Whitney.

August 2: Paradise garage man (Dick Miller) loaned us 1977 Buick Limited.

August 9: Started taping comments from Paradise & Northpoint friends.

August 12: Russ & Betty Rink flew in Bonanza called on Karl Detzers.

August 16: Elvis Presly died at 42.

August 18: Song kids saw 5 coons—during the night they saw 12.

August 24: Kyungshyn made us rare visit—gather Petoskey stones.

August 26: Saw 289 hawks migrating in an hour.

August 29: Met Nelsons who knew Henry Harding.

September 2: Winfield snorkeled ¼ mile daily spotting clams.

September 5: Making new 5-year leases with D&C—1-year Hibbs.

September 6: Gave our 1964 Jeep to Youngshyn.

September 7: Winfield passed his pilots physical without glasses.

September 8: Maduentas wrote us our hogan fell down during hurricane Doreen.

September 18: Alice & Ted Reynolds gave painting.  From Donovan ccu-to Kyungshyn.

September 20: Taped Kang’s “Princess Immortality”—Grace’s story.

September 21: Started polishing Petoskey stones.

September 22: Taped my essay “For Love of Ones Country”—Grace’s story.

September] 23: Learned that Hantmann’s and Dr. Morris’ Baja houses were destroyed.

September 23: Met Gilman’s at Germfask, Michigan. Hunted here with Thurber.

October 10: Gave Youngshyn our #80 key that he keeps in his box.

October 13: Liability insurance removed from the T-bird & the Granada.

October 13: Winfield  & Grace off via American Airlines for Palm Springs—Suimlas Flora

October 18: Put new set of Goodyear tires on the Jeep.

October 21: Dukey wants to borrow $60,000 for down payment on $265,000 home.

October 30: Left at 2AM in Buick for Sequoia and Yosemite.

October 31: Toured Yosemite, Tioga Pass, Mammoth, and Bristecone Pines.

October-November 1977: Killed 152 black widows around the house.

November 10: Off for Baja in the Jeep. Spent #1090 to save the hogan.

November 14: Che Sun Kim dies in Korea.

November 16: Grace cheered up Dr. Eric Sergeant.

November 19: Both spend much time improving our yard.

November 20: Went in the Jeep to Lost Canyon & Mosen Canyon.  At Desert Center saw 88-year Lydia made Petroglyph.  Date with Stanley.

November 22: Grace has 3 molars removed.

November 22: Winfield started walking to toughen for Petroglyph trip.

November 27: Dave McElroy flew to see us.

December 2: Attended museum reception for Steve Wieliads Pictures.

December 3: Dave McElroy married Suzy Chen today.

December 9: Jeep to Baja to complete rock payment.

December 14: Dr. Sergeant gave two handmade deer jackets.

December 18:Enjoyable party at Tom & Jinx Ray.

December 19: Visit from Arnell Jamin & George Frank.

December 25: Called on Dr. Sergeant, Jan Olman, and Dr. Jaeger.

December 25: Start of rain that lasted 2 months—13.82 inches.

December 28: Grace strung, tuned, & played harp—1st in 10 years.

December 29: Dr. Eric Sergeant died today.

December 30: Soon Young, Yoon, & fiancé Rick Smith came for 2 days.

1977 year’s end: Grace still had 5 year old lump in her left shoulder, first dental partial to get used to; Winfield chokes occasionally—not serious, walking 2 to 7 miles a daily.  Both are in good health. Grace weighs 102 pounds. Winfield weighs 153 pounds.

Assets 1618m.

January 1, 1978: Duke & Lois Yoon, Soong Young, and Yoon & Rick Smith were guests.

January 1: Grace played harp for the group—1st time in ten years.

January 4: Visited Dr. Edmond Jaeger—91 years old. (On January 28).

January 11: Tony Burke, 82, thinks he sold 2-1/2 acres in Pinion Pines for $10,500 cash.

January 15: Earl & Miriam Hoover gave breakfast at oasis.

January 17: Bought Conn.#260 organ for $2000—Trade winds.

January 21: Visited Grace Wards in Laguna Hills.

January 25: Took Dr. Suhla to Wiley Wells for Chalcy buy.

February 6: Set up $3000 scholarship fund for Linesville High School.

February 7: Youngshyn arrived for 18-day visit.

February 15: Winfield and Grace went to Phoenix for Dancers& Mechtillbeck, also Chalcydony.

February 21: Harold Hicks called. He now lives in Santa Barbara.

February 23: Winfield painted the front door, blinds, and sides of the house.

March 1: Paul Prokopof of Cal Solar looked over our pool–$4000.

March 15: 5 Song’s (Wonjin) arrived from Aurora—slept out.

March 19: Poksyn arrived in Madison for the week.

March 21: Songs gave us 2 down bags, tent, and mattress.

March 24: Louise Hopkins came for 2 hours.

March 28: Dan Garcia cleaned the carpets for $70.

March 29: Lange Schmidt died—former manager.

March 29: 3 day trip to Dixie Valley. Bought 40 acres.

April 3: Took Harry & Ann Astrakhan to breakfast.

April 3: Made reservations for Bahamas with Eastern Airlines.

April 5: Drove to Baja. Found small yellow.

April 13: Grace has a heavy rash.  Suihla’s went to Dixie Valley, Nevada.

April 24: Called on unconscious Jan Olman in the hospital.

April 28: Harry & Helen Whang, D & son called on us. Learned that Philip Ahn died a month ago.

April 30: Dave & Suzie McElroy came for dinner.

May 3: Francis and Helen Line came for lunch. Spent 50th in the Grand Canyon.

May 6: Lee Alshuler’s for dinner.

May 8: Suihla’s off for Germany today. Mabel Newman lunch.

May 9: Our neighbor, Bob Denham murdered.

May 10: Went to Dixie Valley & Death Valley with Youngshyn.

May 12: Our Palm Springs home valuation—no lot–$97,000.

May 16: Youngshyn left for Chicago.

May 17: For first time in years Grace swam! Winfield snorled ¼ -mile daily.

May 23: Bought Grace a diamond wedding ring—Wade.

May 31: Left for Michigan for the summer.

June 1: Grace suffering from cystitis—Northpoint.

June 3: Bought Yashica for $79.

June 6: Grace’s 76th birthday, passed her drivers license test today.

June 7: Proposition 13 tax reform passed in California (1% of market value).

June 13: Learned that Cliff Wiead & Gerald Ellsworth dead.

June 15: Left for 10 days at the Grand Bahamas hotel on Eastern Airlines for our 50th.

June 19: Shelby T. & Winfield dove to 80’ reef. Took many pictures of the tarpon.

June 20: Our 50th wedding anniversary. Took Shelby & Nigel to dinner.

June 21: Got our finest king helmet on snorkel trip with S.

July 8: Celebrated our 50th with 42 Candry & Cheming.

July 10: Grace again cystitis followed by sore side. 20mc

July 1978: Assets 1855m.

July 17: Called on Ethel Green.

July 1978: 50th Wedding Celebration with 42 guests.

July 10: Grace more cystitis.

August 11: Trip to Paradise cabin.

August 17: Dave Averill of Traverse City Record, Eagle Interview.

August 19: Wonjin & family came.

August 27: Paradesia water assoc at the Platt’s.

August 28: Drove to Howell and looked at new cars.

August 29: Our picture & short story in the Traverse City Record Eagle.

August 30: ½ page article & picture in Traverse City Record Eagle.

August 30: Yune & Wonjin have new son.

September 1: Voigt Perkins died.

September 6: Both have bad colds.

September 7: 3rd article on us in Traverse City Record Eagle.

September 10: Breakfast with Nooney’s at Park Hotel.

September 11: Paid for Dixie Valley lots.

September 19: Grace passed her pilots physical with no glasses.

September 20: Grace has cystitis.

September 25: William Birch winterized the Navion.

September 26: Winfield celebrates his 76th birthday.

September 27: Larry and Dorothy Lowing are our guests.

September 28: Went to Paradise to close the cabin. Traveled 415 miles in one day.

October 1: Enjoyed early fall colors.

October 2: Went to Howell after closing Northpoint.

October 5: Winfield and Grace flew to Palm Springs. Flora met us.

October 6: Grace had another attack of Cystirus. Winfield slept outside.

October 9: Winfield painted the pool. $18.75 a gallon.

October 11: Left for Sequoia and Yosemite at 2AM.

October 20: Soon Young and Rick Smith were married in Bangkok.

October 24: Pool heater, filter, and blanket cost $1500. Filled the pool.

October 26: Grace had poor perm at Louise’s.

October 27: Installed solar blanket in the pool. Grace and Winfield swam every day for a month.

October 27: We were credited $5 each for our pool blanket.

October 28: Bought T-plus. 6 months certificate pays 8.86.

November 2: Youngshyn given a job apt. in Chicago.  Will continue us for a while.

November 3: Changed Grace checking account to 5% savings and checking with UCB.

November 4: Roy and Nona Younker told of Dixie Valley progress.

November 5: Sat with Phil and Dorothy Boyd at the Museum dinner.

November 6: Grace bitten by a red ant. Hurt for days.

November 7: Called on Dr Ed Yeager, 92, in Riverside.

November 10: Lewis Nooney, our dearest friend, died.

November 11: Tried to get a plane to Michigan but couldn’t.

November 12: On mountain hikes we see Quail, rabbits, squirrels, etc.

November 19: Loaned Poksyn $900 more total $1200.

November 20: Started 5% savings and checking accounts with 1st National.

November 20: Bought 10m T-plus certificates pays 9.51 %.

November 22: G. Harold Earle of Blaney Park died.

November 22: Poksyn had surgery today/

November 23: Thanksgiving dinner at Sky Valley.

November 26: Breakfast with Frankson’s (Austria)

November 27: Soon Young Yoon married Rick Smith in Bangkok.

November 28: Grace gets cold. Winfield came down with it November 20.

December 5: Jessie Dering, 91, gave lecture. Syihla and Grace and Winfield attended.

December 6: Received Seiko alarm from Chapter (50th).

December 7: Winfield slept out almost every night: 33 degrees and ice tonight.

December 8: Golda Meir died in Israel.

December 9: 27 degrees tonight, 4 days of ice, our pool temperature remains at 80 degrees.

December 9: offered Brighton Building to Hibbs for 50m.

December 10: Ed Dering, 91, died today.

Assets 1936m

January 1, 1979: Helped New Year in (organ-horn)

January 3: Grace had an attack of Cystitis

January 16: Minnie Berggren died today. She was 91.

January 27: Nelson Rockefeller died at age 70.

January 1979: Cold and rainy much of the month.  Winfield memorized 20 pieces for the organ.

January 31: Snow 3’ deep in the yard for 50 hours. 27-degrees, high 33-degrees: coldest in 40 years in Palm Springs.

February 1: Both swim every day even in the snow!

February 3: Grace developing good crawl stroke.

February 10: Put 1st National Bank on 5% on checking.

February 14: Had a valentine poster made of us for $7.49.

February 17: Passed biennial pilot check in Cessna with Bud Hazel.

February 17 & 18: Francis Line and Helen visited us.  He is working on a new book.

February 21: George F. Miller died in Florida.

February 23: Russian dancers were at the Museum.

February 25 to March 2: 6 wonderful days in Baja. Spent $3580. Caught two yellowtails.

March 2: 19 year old Mexican replaced the jeep water pump.

March 5: Winfield’s health problems: blood in his urine. Prostate swollen, left knee problem, stiff neck, choking but otherwise OK. Grace’s health problems: faulty dentures, goose egg bump on left shoulder for the last 7 years.

March 7: Blood from penis for two days now.

March 7: Both started staying outside at night looking at the stars.

March 16: Furguson’s brought Al Berggren to stay for two days. Hopkins’ sold home Grace had worked with them.

March 24: Judge Neil Lake died today—Floras Shal.

March 25-31: Baja ($1775-3 yellowtails)

April 1979: Tony Burke sold 2-1/2 acres to Williamson for $13,500 on time and  2-1/2 acres to Bueno for $12,000 cash-escrow.

April 9: Worst windstorm in years.

April 15: Grace snorkeling and diving.

April 17: Gas shortage and long lines hit Palm Springs.

April 23-30: Baja-$1885-2 yellowtails-blood in urine.

May 4: Bought for $42 “P.S., Why I Love You” autographed by Tony Burke.

May 5: Francis and Helen Line came after hike to bottom of the Grand Canyon.

May 5: Grace attack of cystitis.

May 22: Dr. Price showed us his 250 acres. Grace injured her knee in the mountains.

May 24: Lunched with Nellie Mae (Baure) Shook.  .

May 28: Took old friend, Bill Veith, gold olive, giant olive. Art Petoskey Stones.

May 29: Signed up for ML CMA #215-13293.

May 29: Dr. Wines X-rayed Grace’s knee. No charge.

June 1: Flora took us to the airport for Detroit and Howell.

June 1: American Airlines gave us 4-50% discount coupons.

June 2: Both have injured knees!

June 4: Doo & Kay sold us $2350 Gold

June 6: Grace’s 57th birthday.  We had lunch at the Sand Trap in Northport.

June 7: I flew the Navion on a ferry permit to T.C. (Twin Cities?). It was the first flight since October of 1975.

June 9: Harvey & Barb Hughes came up.  Harvey was celebrating 50 years.

June 10: I have a bad cold. Perhaps in aviation in Arp.

June 12: Went to Howell, Youngshyn must go to Aurora-wife in the hospital.

June 14: Drove the T-bird to Detroit & flew Eastern to Miami and then to Freeport, Grand Bahama.

June 20: Our 51st wedding anniversary and our 12th visit to the Bahamas.

June 22: Both have bad colds and injured knees.

June 23: I snorkeled every day.  Saw a nurse shark today.

June 24: Met Manager Smith and Charlie Kairalla.

June 25: Went home to Howell today.  Met with Queen Conch and Helmet F. Tongall.

June 29: Sonya going to Red China with her husband, Rick Jones.

July 2: Neighbor in Palm Springs, Abe Adelman, 9634 died today.

July 7: Poksyn had serious operation. Doo was with her.

July 12: Flew Navion to Northport. Nearly 4 years for the plane & me to fly.  Bill was $1614.

July 13: Jim Brown delivered our new Gulbranson organ.

July 15-17: Flew Navion 4 hours from Howell to Beaver Is. and Newberry.

July 15: Landed on Macinas Is.  Took a horse taxi to town.

July 18-20: Drove to Paradise in the T-bird, visited Tom & Bea Taylor, also Smith’s, Mark Munnell, Whithey’s, Jenn’s, and Beidelman’s.

July 20: Severe storms in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Reported much damage there.

July 21: Poksyn recovering from surgery.  Has American boy friend to visit.

July 26: Drove to Howell in the T-bird to plan cottage repair.

July 30: visited Herman Cherry Ranch: 50 tons in one day.

August 6: Met Gene Mott at Boyne Country & paid $2 for gas key. They have the honor system.

August 8: Doo & Kay Yoon visited us.  He demo the organ.

August 8: Flew the Navion to Twin Cities. I had trouble with the gear.  The tower was helpful.

August 9: Plane OK.  Decided to fly to Linesville tomorrow.

August 11-13: Flew to Howell & Linesville: a fine trip.

August 15: Song family came for a week.

August 17: Grace and I drove to Paradise for 3 days relief.

August 16: Talew Ind. Rv. Met Phil Boyd’s. Gave $1000 for sanctuary.

August 20: Fed swans & 100 gulls- Pecks at Platt’s.

August 21: Have landed at 380 airports. 91 in Michigan and 34 in California.

August 22: Both play the organ. Heard about an earthquake in Palm Springs.

August 27: Made reservations for a flight to Palm Springs on September 12 for a week’s visit.

August 30: Grace sent Poksyn $1000 check to help on expenses.

August 30: Flew to Onaway & Boyne Country: first shaggy maees shot.

September 1: Grace had severe cramps. 1-1/2 mg B complex-cured.

September 1: Grace proposes $100 citizen award to North point student.

September 8: Have flown the Navion 25 hours in the past 3 months.

September 7: Received Francis and Helen Line’s new book “Man With A Song”.

September 10: Went to Howell and Palm Springs for a quick visit.

September 10: Made plans with Caris-cr to set up $2000 award in Howell.

September 10: Learned that Will Schlernitraver died in 1977.

September 12: Used 2 American Airlines 50% discount tickets on a Palm Springs flight.

September 13: 113º in Palm Springs drove to Capo Beach to visit Francis and then went to Ward’s in Laguna Hills.

September 16: Breakfast at Boyd’s Marrakech in Living Desert.

September 17-18: Bought bonds-changed UCB Palmyra: $10,000 to T-bills at 10.25.

September 19-20 Back to Howell & Northport.

September 20: Youngshyn and wife doing fine work on Clark cottage.

September 21: Offered Wonjin the Hibb Building for $30,000, but had to renig when I found out what the gift tax would be.

September 21: Hibb’s says he will quit January 1.

September 25: Had 2-1/2 hour visit with Lloyd Freeman. He will set up $5000 award next year.

September 26: My 77th birthday, flew to Bois Blanc Island & Boyne City.

September 27: Decided that we could not sell our stores: tax.

September 27: Bought a 1979 red Mercury Grand Marquis for $7591 from Rick Marile Sales.

September 30: Drove the new car to Paradise for color & closing.

September 30: Lee Miles (Smith’s Sink) gave us two valuable pictures: owl & Indian.

September 30: Called on Withey’s, Marge Munsell, Jenkins, and Beidelman’s.

October 1: Visited mouth of two Heart & Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise, MI.

October 2: Drove to Howell for Don Munroe party—color fine.

October 3: Bought 8-year old CD from First National Bank for 7-3/4 % for Howell High School annual Line award.

October 3: George Munsell died today.

October 4: Gave ‘75 Granada to Youngshyn with 28,000 miles on it.

October 8: Dr. Suihla called from Palm Springs. He will meet us October 15.

October 12: Put Merc in hangar and T-bird in open garage.

October 13: Closed Northpoint Cottage and drove Granada to Howell.

October 15: Arrived in Palm Springs at noon, but a week to late.

October 17: Painted pool & filled it with water. Put in lawn with #20 seed.

October 18: Poksyn Yoon earned a PhD in microphysics today.

October 21: Grass coming up in the lawn I planted. I picked most of the olives today.

October 22: Threw out my electric bed. I like a wider bed.

October26: Purex replaced the pool filter free.
November 2: Sent $25 for Dixie Valley Cemetery plot.

November 6: Grace wired Poksyn $800 to go to Korea for Christmas.

November 7: Grace went to Michigan for 10 days on Hibbs business.

November 19: Dr. Fred Sleight suffered a heart attack.

November 30: Bought CD 2-1/2 years for 11% for Linesville School Fund.

December 8: Grace to Michigan to work on shoe store lease.

December 15: Grace back in Palm Springs.

December 22: Navioneer Party in Banning.

December 30: Met Fraces Rich, Boyd’s, and Hoovers at museum party.

December 31: Winfield & Grace’s health resume.

Assets: 2165m.

January 1980: Charles Schwab, our new broker, holds $2,500 ERGS.

January 7: Inventoried silver coins.

January 8: Northwood Symphonette—Henry Ruth HOFTO

January 17: Shoe store deal off.

January 28: Met Mary Taggares of Prosser, Washington.

February 4: Grace having trouble with right knee.

February 8: ERG stock jumped to 18-3/8.

February 14: Heavy floods in the Coachella Valley.

February 20: Hoover’s evacuated to our house for three days.

February 29: Hoover’s took us to Boyd’s at the Springs for lunch—F. Rich.

March 6: Northwood’s—Marge. Mead, Gabor met us at the ratchet club.

March 16: Thelma Hutton & daughter.

March 19: Took Hoover’s to the “Robe”.

March 23: Francis and Helen left for 1-1/2 months in Israel.

March 27: ERG to 8-5/8. Silver bust.

March 29: Blood in urine—too much outdoor work.

March 31: Shut off the all the gas for the pool. Pool blanket heated it.

April 6: Slept out. Saw 9 flocks? Wood ibis?

April 8: Prime rate 20%.

April 10: Seeing many satellites.

April 14: Baja trip aborted at Brawley.  Jeep battery went out.

April 14: Grace right knee went bad. Returned to Palm Springs.

April 20: Ending a week of 110º weather.

April 22: Starting to eat Mexican food. Cooked a 15lb ham.

April 23: Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Regulus together.

April 27: Dr. Price came to look at Grace’s knee.

May 4: Dr. Price & friend Sheila drove us to Sky Valley.

May 6: Grace Lake, aged 80, died today.

May 6: Francis and Helen came back from Israel.

May 10: Caught 1-foot bat.

May 12: Sept out in the yard half the night.  Saw satellites in the sky.

May 14: When to Baja overnight.  Bad road conditions because of flooding, repairs underway.

May 15: Two holes through our hogan roof. Gave $50 to have it repaired.

May 16: Removed the pool cover for the season.  Spotted four satellites over night.

May 18: Met Francis and Helen at the Shell Museum for a visit.

May 20: Blood in urine.  Occurs after heavy work.

May 31: Drained the pool in 10-1/2 hours.

June 1: Winfield heart beats 2-stops-2 stops. B complex shots helped.

June 2: Suihla’s left for Seattle.  We will drive to Michigan.

June 6: Grace 78 today.  We left via the Buick for Michigan.

June 7: Enjoyed Zion & Bryce, Ogden.  Grace’s knee was very bad today.

June 8: Saw 587 antelope in Wyoming.  Hail and snow in Laramie.

June 12: Arrived in Howell today.   2600 miles trip that we enjoyed.  We are going to drive back to Palm Springs.

June 13: Arrived in Northpoint, activated the T-bird, Mercury, & Navion.

June 17: Flew the Navion to Macinac Island and walked to town.

June 20: Our 52nd wedding anniversary dinner in the Park Tower.

June 23: Grace building beach deck with Gots.

June 27: Flew Navion to Brighton on business. Crandall J. Brennen.

June 30: Soon Young & Rick Smith came for 3 day visit.

July 3: Saw Sonya & Rick off then flew to Macinac Island.

July 4: Drove to Howell & Ann Arbor to see Duke, Lois, and Poksyn & Babb Wennifer.

July 5: Birch re-licensed Navion and Winfield flew it to Twin Cities.

July 8: Stanley Cornell died.

July 8: Sold the 1950 Buick, 15-foot boat, 35 hp motor to George and Dorothy Irvine for $1,000 cash.

July 9: Picked up Navion and paid $745.21 re-license fee.

July 11: Flew Navion to Bois Blanc Island & visited the Hoover’s.

July 12: Alfred & Lucille Pfau visited us.

July 15: Practiced steep turns & chandelles alone.

July 17: Dug over 200 rocks out of sand in front of the house.

July 18: Note: Grace passed her first pilot’s physical in Oct. 1935.

July 23: Flew Navion to Macinac Islands.

July 24: Charles & Estelle Van Skklen gave us the royal treatment on Washington Island.

July 25: Harvey & Barbara Hughes up for the first time in the Navion.  Casey & Vive went up also.

July 26: Grace conferred with Y. Song about publishing her story.

August 5: Flora’s son Frank murdered in Dallas.

August 5: Had visits this summer from Rick & S.Y., Kanafanis, and Wonsin  & family, Poksyn.

August 7: Lee Alschuler died. I just had a note from her!

August 15: Flew the Navion to Brighton, sometimes above the clouds.

August 23: Krista Knute made a 30-day hike on John Muir Trail.

August 23: Sent Korean folders to Line Award Recipients—Mark Miller in Howell, and Jackie Popp in Northpoint, Robin Shirley in Linesville.

September 1: Invited to attend two Northpoint parties: Ellen Blessman and Marian Perkins.

September 1: Poksyn here, Casey visited also today.

September 3: Party for Jack Charter at Blessman’s.

September 5: Marian Perkins party at the Point.

September 5: Passed my biennial flight check with Dick Marsh.

September 9: Contacted Bob Rourke-Owosso- Kay Rourke.

September 10: Grace passed her pilot’s physical. Good till she is 80 by Dr. Brown.

September 10: Worked 1-1/2 hours Hepfer on estate.

September 10: Crandall (Griffith) leased 116 W. 500—6mo.

September 11: Met with Joe Foster 1-1/4 hours on estate.

September 11: Sold 1100 shares ERG at 16+. Paid 4.

September 15: Swam twice. Flew Navion to Boyce City.

September 17: Gave Korean picture & lecture in Northpoint School.

September 22: Contacted John Hannan. Invited to London.

September 23: Checked our stores.

September 24: Lunch with Dr. Hannah’s new home in Dansville.

September 25: Swan in 33º water at Northpoint.  Word Youngshyn had a stroke.

September 26: My 78th birthday. Drove all night to be with Youngshyn, who now was in intensive care in University of Michigan hospital.

September 27: Drove to Paradise to close cabin and returned to Northpoint.

September 28: Youngshyn had another stroke; we drove all night to University of Michigan hospital.

September 30: Wonsin, Wonjin, Won-Hi, all came to the hospital.  Youngshyn was feeling better.

October 1: Requesting D&C president take care of emergences.

October 2: Drove to Northpoint, closed cottage and said good bys.

October 3: I swam: very cold. Put the Buick and T-bird in the hangar.

October 3: William Birch will “pickle” the Navion for the winter.

October 4-22: Visited Youngshyn every day.  Saw improvement.  Grace worked out a health chart for Mrs. Lewis.

October 23: Left for Palm Springs in the Mercury.  Grace was sick.  Stop for the night in Battle Creek.

October 24: Grace is feeling better. Drove 540 miles today, reached Rolla, Mo.

October 25: Went to Weatherford, Ok. 464 miles, standing trip well.

October 26: To Gallup, NM, 630 miles. Feel fine.

October 27: Arrived in Palm Springs having traveled 556 miles.  It was a very successful trip.

October 28: Learned that Jinx Ray died suddenly about 2 months ago.

October 29: Cleaned pool, painted & filled it today.

October 30: Adrienne and friend Ron Jones called on us.

November 1: Youngshyn moved to Chicago hospital.

November 1: Started swimming ¾-miles daily and also walking 3 miles a day.

November 10: Drove to Dixie Valley for Younger to build 24X24 garage.

November 11: Bad experience in snowstorm between Austin and Tonopah on 376.

November 13: Went to Scotty’s Castle, Stovepipe Wells, and Wild Rose Canyon in Death Valley.

November 14:  Sold 500 ERG @20 cost 4.

November 16: called Younker to enlarge the house to 24X28.

November 19: Called S. Erert-Dave Lawrence to care for California 1-T.

November 20: Dr. Fred Sleight of museum died.  Great loss.

November 21: Winfield blood in urine.  Will quit jogging.

November 22: Talked with Youngshyn first time.

November 29: Hired Raul Salgado & wife as gardener.

December 1:  Poksyn had bad car accident needs money.

December 4: Winfield sick with bowel trouble.

December 12: Earl Hoover 90 today. Sent a large card.

December 20: Grace Nealy flew to Chicago for Youngshyn.

December 30: Grace sick with stomach flu.

December 31: Grace and I tried to awake the neighbors with an organ horn.

December 1980: Winfield swam ¼-mile daily and walked 3 to 8 miles.

Assets: 2289m

January 7, 1981: Putting in artesian well at Dixie Valley—200 foot.

January 9: Francis Line 76th birthday today. Took Fern Ray to Chap. Club. Received D&C books.

January 14: New pool cover: $175. 116 Brightor rented $600.

January 15: Called Bob McP, not well, about Helen Eddy deed.

January 17: Jim Nooney has sold his business.

January 19: Mailed 19809 tax figures to Hepfer today.

January 20: Hostages released in Iran today after 444 days capture.

January 25: I walked eight miles: no muscle aches.

January 26: Grace played harp for Marian Perkins & Bob and Maria Wallace.

February 2: Called Jesse Dering. He was 93.

February 3: Hebbs wants to buy 116 (Hebbs store). Referred to Triffith.

February 4: Called Guplh to re-note 5965. Borrowed in Ins.

February 8: Hoover took us to The Springs for lunch.

February 14: Dixie Valley nearly completed.  May build garage.

February 15: Youngshyn complains of heavy itching- feels like ants in his right arm.

February 16: Winfield showing blood in urine. Hebbs buys 116 at $62,000.

February 17: Left for Baja to bring back jeep load with Helen Herbert.

February 22: Krista Knute showed slides of 211 mi hike on John Muir Trail.

February 24: Took Hoovers to lunch at the Springs, Poksyn to go to Stanford.

March 6: 1-T papers came from Hapfer.  Took to Dave Lawrence of Seabert Bach.

March 13: Attended $1000 concert at Museum. Met many friends.

March 16: Hoover took us to Salton Sea. Typed “Around The World”.

March 21: Dick Darling flew in.

May 24: Cut off the pool heater.  Grace swam for the first time.

March 30: President Reagan shot.  Winfield sleeps outdoors occasionally.

April 6: Took Hoover’s to Idywild today. Hebb’s check for $44,355.31.

April 12: Columbia blasted off today.  Trip to Dixie Valley in jeep loaded

April 14: Saw Columbia land at Edwards.  Lunch at Dixie Valley then home though Tonopah and Death Valley.

April 17: Anne Astrikan called that her husband, Harry, passed away.

April 18: Serhly left for the Orient.

April 22: Ray called that $44,355 check returned: bank to blame.

April 25: Francis and Helen stopped enroute to the Grand Canyon.  GL ant bite back.

April 28: The Song family arrived with Youngshyn, who want to stay a month with us.

April 30: Washer and dryer went bad. Family sleeps in the yard at night.

May 3: Song’s return to Aurora while Youngshyn stayed with us.

May 6: Using heavy vitamins for Youngshyn.

May 11: Siebert charged $200 for Song Line’s 1-T.

May 13: Pope shot.

May 23: Winfield’s has blood in his urine.  May be heavy Youngshyn lifting?

May 24: Youngshyn had 2 severe seizures. Dr Price helped us.

May 26: Wonjin coming today to take Youngshyn back tomorrow.

May 28: Drained pool today.  It took 11 hours and 35 minutes.

May 30: We will back Youngshyn for $10,000 recovery fee.

June 1: Francis said that Harry Goulding died last month.

June 2: Drove to Bishop for the night, then on to Dixie Valley in the morning.

June 3: Ray B. repaired the Mercury steering—he did it as a favor–no pay.

June 5: Dixie Valley: Stars gorgeous out here. Saw a deer.

June 11: In Palm Springs Grace sent Sony Line money for school and orphanage.

June 16: Left Palm Springs for 3 nights in Dixie Valley, then we went east to Michigan and Northpoint.

June 26: Harold Strickland, my pilot-teacher, died May 25.

July 1: Grace passed drivers test and got a 4-year license.

July 6: Bill Birch re-licensed the Navion in hangar.

July 9: Hi-Y and 6 kids came to visit. Wook Yoon played the piano & I taped it.

July 9: Grace and I flew the Navion to Beaver Island’s new airport.

July 12: Roy Younker had a heart attack a week ago.

July 13: Drove the T-bird Chemung to check the cottage. Refrigerator full.

July 18: Flew to Macinac Island. Paid $5 tie down fee, then went to Bois Blanc & Onaway.

July 29: Flew to Interlocken—lunch with Jackie Hofto. Prince Charles married today.

July 30: Saw Abe Vigoda with whom we talked yesterday.

August 1: Grace called Bob McP & offered to help.

August 3: Gave $2000 more for Northpoint Citizen Award.

August 5: Winfield and Grace fly frequently to Indian River & Boyne City.

August 7: Helen Line’s sister Olive died at 87.

August 10: Poksyn came to Northpoint for the week with Kyung Hun.

August 20: Grace returned from Wheaton (Youngshyn) to Brighton. I met her with the Navion.

August 26: Paid Youngshyn bill of $3091 to Marion Joy Rehabilitation.

August 29: Kay Rourke and son Michael met for lunch.

August 31: Drove to American Airlines and Howell.

September 1: Youngshyn out of Marion Joy forced to go with Wonsin.

September 6: Wonsin & Hi-Young turned vicious to us.

September 9: Flew to Onaway, Michigan. Total miles in the Navion for 1981 was 25 hours.

September 10: Grace and Winfield showed the Alaska film and gave a talk in Northpoint high school auditorium.

September 12: Youngshyn now in New Jersey.  Forced to go with Wonsin.

September 14: Closed the Northpoint and drove the T-bird to Chare.

September 15: Winfield passed his Pilot Physical with no restrictions.

September 15: Found our Chemung home robbed.  Called the Sheriff to report it.

September 17: Left on American Airlines to Palm Springs. Went to Dixie Valley in the Mercury.

September 22: Word from Poksyn to Moab. Will go to Palm Springs.

September 24: Drove non-stop to Palm Springs—720 miles.

September 25: American Airlines brought Poksyn from Los Angeles for operation.

September 28: Poksyn left.  Grace and Winfield drove to Dixie Valley—510 miles.

October 4: Met Robbins and Dave Johnson.  Enjoyed Dixie Valley.

October 5: Left Dixie Valley at 5:10AM.  Visited Bristle Cone Park & Death Valley.  Drove 665 miles to Palm Springs.

October 7: Gardner put in a lawn.

October 7: Have sent H. C. Stevens over $1000 in aid.

October 11: Reported over $8000 robbery to the Sheriff.

October 15: Gifts to Palm Springs Historical Society of Tapes and Pictures.

October 18: Younker took a jeep load to Dixie Valley.

October 22: Inventory Palm Springs home.

October 23: Ordered 3 copies Bernice Chaprell’s “In the Palm of the Mitten”.

October 23: Installed new kitchen rug–$250.

October 24: Agreed to loan Poksyn $11,000 for operation.

October 28: Dodgers won the World Series. Songs losses too heavy.

October 28: Sold a lot of muni bonds—bought others.

October 31: Called Dame & offered to give hangar to township.

November 1: Dave & Suzie McElroy have new baby—Michael.

November 3: Poksyn on operating table 6 hours.

November 5: Working with Phil Boyd on museum history.

November 6: Fired gardeners till May.

November 7: Did a lot of house painting.

November 10-19: Took $3900 of art, shells, etc. to Angel View.

November 12: Working with Paul Wilhelm on poems and write-ups.

November 25: Took Harold Hicks to lunch at Oasis.

November 27: 45 year old water pipe broke in yard—kitchen.

November 29: Sheriff named five in our robbery.
December 3: Worked with Bob Martin and adjustor.  Saw Pat Smith& Betty Sergeant.

December 4: Called Joe Foster in Lansing on estate work.

December 4: Sold & bought muni bonds ($50,000 Utah pays 14.14%).

December 19: Attended Navion party in Banning—Douthitts.

December 21: Sent D& C $14,885 for repairs they had paid in the stores.

December 22: No satisfactory completion of Northpoint hangar—deal cancelled.

December 24: Improper papers from Foster.  We had notarized.

December 25: Quiet day at home—went out for breakfast at Denny’s and  dinner at Denny’s.

December 26: Grace played 4 pieces on the harp.

December 28: Signed proof of loss for $12,070.30 at Bob Martin’s.

December 31: Winfield 148 pounds, Grace weighed 98 pounds.  Blew horn & played organ at midnight.

Assets 2261m.

January 3, 1982: Bob McPherson died today. Learned today that Agnes Canfield died in 1980.  Also, learned today that Bird Hight died on 12-23-81.

January 3: Poksyn stopped enroute to LA.

January 9: Francis is 78 today.  Grace worked hard in the yard all day.

January 11: Akin received robbery loss check for $12,670.30.  6869 WL. 5301 SowS

January 12: Received D&C bonds 60M.  Active in bond market.  High yield muni’s.

January 13: Cashing in 100m annuities—invested in high yield munis.

January 14: George Olman broke after 7 years + $700,000 for January uncons.

January 24: Hoovers came to Palm Springs.  Poksyn ill.  Winfield is ill too.

January 28: Installed new aireze room desert cooler–$1205.
February 4: Put new urethane roof on 1967 roof for $629.

February 5: Saw 16 jackrabbits + 12 quail when walking ford to home.

February 6: Visited Betty Sergeant, dined with Fay Smith, 16” Chardon triton.

February 11: Heavy rains—woman drowned.

February 12: Date Fair: our Indian rugs sold for $300 to $1000. Total $188,000.

February 15: Middle of house inventory.

February 16: At Fair bought Sanyo vibrator for $159.

February 17: Jeff Knute married—sent $100.

February 19: $2000 museum dinner.

February 21: Attended $50 lunch for Frank Bogart, Mayor.

February 23: Hicks hosted Sheraton Plaza breakfast.

March 2: Lunch with B&M Wallace.  We talked Hawaii.

March 3: Made reservations to fly to Hawaii and Kauai on March 10, 1982.

March 6: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn all lined up. Pat Young came.

March 10: Poipu Beach hotel, Kauai, Hawaii—enjoyed 9 days.

March 18: Drove 600 miles in Colt, covered island. Home tomorrow.

March 20: Letter from Blessman’s.  Dave McElroy called from Hawaii.

March 21: Roy Younker had open-heart surgery at Loma Linda.

March 23: Letter from Northpoint—the hanger deal is a go.

March 25: Northwood Institute—Henry Ruth—Laurie Hofto.

March 27: Poksyn called in fear.  Grace comforted her.

March 28: Dismissed Mexican gardener.  We now take care of the garden and the pool.

March 30: Columbia landed. Sheriff wants us to testify.

April 1: Got flu & Grace had it later for 10 days.

April 1: Roy Younger in the hospital—pneumonia.

April 8: Tom Rauml says we have $400M credit.

April 9: 3R Palm Springs history meeting with Boyd and Hoover etc.

April 10: Poksyn-Hoover-Hoftos.

April 12: Hartman’s—Baja hogan.  25% of what we get.

April 19: Liv. Co. prosecutor’s office may fly us to testify.

April 20: Will send Youngshyn $2000 to fly to Korea for acupuncture.

April 21: Wrote prosecutors we could come June 10.

April 21: Pledged $10,000 to the University of Michigan for 10 years.

April 25: Francis and Helen enroute to the Grand Canyon for their 54th anniversary.

April 26: Francis and Helen left for the Canyon at 5AM.

April 26: Grace and Winfield left for the Grand Canyon, Zion, Death Valley and Dixie Valley trip at 6AM—450 miles.

April 27: Enjoyed Canyon, Page, Kanab, and Zion and returned home—734 miles.  Trip total mileage was 1184.

April 30: Paul Dancer, 89, asked Grace’s help.

May 1: Poksyn will give a talk–trip to New Orleans planned.

May 9: Finished SL min. May dissolve.

May 10: Started draining the pool—pump went bad when the pool was ½ empty.

May 10: Wilkie Davis will care for the yard during the summer.

May 12: Mailed Youngshyn $7373.33. Proceeds from bonds.

May 12: Had corn beef with Earl & Frances Streebe.  Grace helped health wise.

May 13: Bought 13 pieces of luggage—Samsonite ER for $325. $150 free air tickets.
May 17: Finally got pool pump in—but drained pool in the yard with sub pump.

May 20: Youngshyn wife and son, Wonjin, left for Korea today.

May 20: We pledged $1000 for Lineville Historical Society (1/83).

May 26: Farewell party at Flora’s with the Suihla’s.

May 27: Trail date for 5955 robbers set for June 30.

May 31: Poksyn visited us from UCLA.

June 2: Suihla’s left. We left and spent the night in Flagstaff.

June 3: Drove through Cameron, Tuba City, Kayenta, Monument Valley, and Moab today.

June 4: Visited Arches and Potash today.

June 5: Went to Colorado River, Douglass Pass, Dinosaur, and Flaming Gorge today.

June 6-7: Buffalo, Gillette, Devil’s Tower, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Crazyhorse, and the Badlands were next.

June 10: Newberry, Tahquameon, Paradise, and finally Northport were last.

June 13: Started flying Navion today. Vera Ikens.

June 19: We flew every day.  Flew to Beaver Island today.

June 20: 54th wedding anniversary today—weather cold. Turned on the furnace.

June 25: 60th chapter reunion in Howell.  Francis flew from California.  We check all stores and stopped in Chemung.

June 30: Robbery court case in Howell.

July 6: Total eclipse of the moon.

July 8:  Flew to Bois Blanc Is.—visited Hoover. 22hours.

July 8: Plan route west through Canada, Lake Lousie, and Coburdaby.

July 9: Navion canopy stuck—trapped us.

July 12: Drove to Howell on business.

July 15: Met Boyd’s and Hoover’s at Cheboygn-History.

July 19: Flew to Macinas Island—first of 4 visits here.

July 21: Flew to Rogers City—first time.

July 26: Landed in Thompsonville—Rip’s—canoe on Betsy.

July 26: Ted Bol vs Utanaid pembrville O

July 29:Took Navion to William Birch—Trans-Air for annual.

August 4: Bought 4 pairs of shoes for Grace at Penney’s—size 5-1/2.

August 8: Made reservations at AB for Hawaii—February 5-15,1983.

August 8: Treated Birch’s—Leland & home.

August 10: Griffiths + K at canopy

August 11: Trail date indet. Grace got fitch coat back.

August 13: Flew to Indian River—met the Boyd’s.

August 14: Passed biennial check flight with D. Marsh.

August 17: Typical day.

August 18: Winfield passed the driver’s test—4 years + motorcycle.

August 22: Perry Hayden’s daughter Martha came.

August 23: Enid Wiltse died.

August 23: Started for Maistee & Lake City-Toret Winfield-storm canoe Betsy.

August 25: Paid tab $2387 for Kauai & Virgin Islands.

August 30: Drove 440 miles to Paradise, met friends and neighbors at Northpoint.

September 4: Flew two hours and twenty-five minutes today—left oil cap off.

September 7: Grace passed pilots physical.

September 8: Had a last flight in the Navion—49 hours this summer.

September 11: Tune & Won have a new baby. His name is Peter.

September 12: Closed the Northpoint cabin for the winter. Off for the west—visited Soo for the night.

September 13-17: Went to Thunder Bay, Brandon, Medicine Hat, Golden and Canada on our trip out to Palm Springs.

September 17: Revisited Burke, Idaho, silver mine after 60 years.

September 19-26: Visited Dixie Valley.   The night sky bristled with stars. Navy jets were practicing in the day time there. Winfield turned 80.

September 29: Winfield had a tight chest.  He could not lie down.  We closed the house and drove 500 miles to Palm Springs.

October 8: Suihla’s having marital problems.

October 9: Poksyn came. Winfield is feeling bad. He has stomach and chest pain and not sleeping well.

October 13: Took Dr. Price to breakfast, but did not mention my feeling up the weather to him.

October 19: Put in new yard water system for $825. We owe M.L. $55,000.

October 20: Hired new pool man and recalled the gardener.

October 22: Having trouble breathing. Can’t lie down. Still, getting no sleep at night.

October 23: No sleep for the past two days—gasping for air.  Grace called Dr. Price. He said heart bad—kidney problems too—allowing water in my lungs.  He gave me Lasix and Lanodin.  I lost 5 pounds in a day—15 pounds in a month.

October 30: Pulse 40—irregular.  Doctor came two times a daily.  I feel good.

October 31: Taking Dyazide-Lanoxin daily.  K-lyte weekly. Grace gave me B12 and B complex .

November 8: Youngshyn came from Ann Arbor.

November 10: Gave Dr. Price $2500 check.  He tore it up!

November 12: Siebbe & T. Book will handle our utilities etc.

November 15: Reserved 1-1/2 months at Poipu Beach Hotel (10% discount).

November 16: Sold 1900 ERG and bought 100 CMI.  Will buy VRC and GEO stocks.

November 24: Poksyn returned to Ann Arbor. Got job at University of Michigan—12-12.

November 29: Guests of Harold Hick. Our CMI 5500 up.

November 30: Dr Price called 4 times from San Francisco.

December 2: Plumber Phillips came to repair our water break

December 8: Amelia Duty lawsuit vs. us  for a fall in the Howell store in 1980.

December 10: I had cystitis—Grace cured me.

December 12: Hachtman’s stopped by and said hogan destroyed November 30 in Baja.

December 19: I flew an ultra-lite 2 seater with Robin.

December 21: Rubinstein died. He was 95.

December 24: Grace tries to help Dr. Price.

December 25: Took Martin’s, Dr. Suihla, and Dr. Price to dinner.

December 27: Cancelled Poipu Beach—made reservations for Hilo Bay Hotel instead.

December 30: Full eclipse of the moon.